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Viper 977-e  EVO2  1/8 EP (SER904003)
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Viper 977-e EVO2 1/8 EP (SER904003)

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Viper 977-e EVO2 1/8 EP High end competition electric powered 1/8 scale 4wd onroad racing car. Aluminum chassis, carbon topdeck, 2 belt-system, front one-ways, rear solid axles, bigbore shocks, smart battery-holder and motorholder. Fully adjustable suspension. EVO-2 version with narrow pivot rear end geometry and 5mm aluminum chassis. Electronics, tyres, body not included. promo-site:
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Serpent Viper 977-e EVO2
1/8 scale electric on road car

Key features
- Aluminum chassis 5mm and carbon top plate 2.5mm
- Carbon fiber battery bolder / protectors, fully adjustable fits most 2S and 3S LIPO batteries
- 2 belt system with 5mm belts
- large pulleys and ball raced belt tensioners
- Aluminum 7075 T6 motor holder
- Aluminum fan-holder
- 15T motor pulley / 48T spur ratio
- Viper 977 EVO2 front and rear suspension
- New narrow pivot EVO-2 type rear end
- Low type big bore shocks
- Race-ready weight around 2700 to 2750 grams

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Although the Viper 977-e is based on the Viper 977, it has a lot of features that make it a dedicated Electric racing car:

2 belt system with 5mm wide belts for optimized effectivity. Both belts have ball raced belt-tensioners.

5mm stiff aluminum chassis in perfect symmetrical shape for even flex and weight distribution.
Countersunk holes, chamfered edges for more cornering, ground clearance. All screws from the bottom are with 2.5mm Allen size. Many pockets in the chassis to make it very light but still stiff. As optional the full carbon chassis can be used which weighs around 90 grams less.

Top deck
2.5mm carbon fiber top-deck to create a strong and stiff connection between the fronts and rear-end of the car. The servo is mounted in the center of the car and can hold large and low profile servos. The center offers also space for the receiver which can be glued to the small plate/ clips.

Battery holders
Strong carbon fiber battery holders, which can be easily adjusted to fit most popular 2S or 3S battery packs. The batteries can be moved more to the front or the back with the flexible mounting system. This can be used to change the balance of the car, to create more steering or grip. The low and central position of the batteries creates the lowest and best possible CG.

Strong carbon fiber speedo plate, which fits most popular speedo’s well. The plate with speedo attached can be easily removed.

Motor holder
Smart machined aluminum motor holder in 8mm creates a very durable unit, which can stand the enormous power of the brushless motors. It is also connected to the rear bearing blocks to create a stiff, yet flexible construction. The gear mesh is easily adjusted from the bottom of the car. The kit includes a 14T pinion; other pinions are available as options,

Mid shaft
Middle shaft holder in 7075 T6 aluminum to hold and support the mid-shaft and spur (14T/48T). This makes changing a spur gear a fast and easy affair.

The strong aerodynamic shaped composite bumper comes from the 977. The upward edges make it more stable, so these won’t touch the surface under impact or with high temperatures. It features separate inserts left and right which can be removed and clicked back in easily.

Body post
The durable alu front body posts are eccentric, to allow moving the body to front or back a few mm to optimize steering / downforce.

Steering blocks
The steering block, which can be mounted left or right, offers a system to change the axle position more to front or back giving a “trailing” or “leading” steering, and the ability to change the kingpin-inclination and offset.
The spring-steel steering-rods are fastened to the aluminum steering plates, which mount to the new steering blocks. Optional carbon fiber disks can be mounted on the side of the steering blocks to stiffen the assembly and for aerodynamic reasons.

The steering block is right and left the same, and features an aluminum plate to connect the steering-rods, 2 options for Ackermann.

The steering blocks and rear uprights connect to the arms with spring steel 8.5mm pivot balls, which run very smooth and well protected in nylon cups, and are easy to adjust with an Allen tool.

Front suspension arms
The long durable front lower wishbones are mounted super low in the car, and feature a semi covered “leg” for the inner suspension pin and the pivot link for the front anti-roll bar system, it also has an extension for the down-stop screw. The lower arms hold the lower aluminum shock mount plate, which allows a further out and higher mounting point for the front shocks. The strong upper arms can be used left and right. The front lower arms connect to the aluminum front bracket on very low nylon holders. The kit includes 2 versions, low and super low. This system also enables you to replace a front driveshaft very quick and easy.

The longer upper arms are mounted between the anodized aluminum top brackets, which also hold the suspension pin inserts to allow camber-change adjustments with 3 possible inserts. Below the aluminum top-brackets spacers can be used to change angle or height. Caster spacers are used as simple clips on the upper pivot pins. Same clips are also used on the lower pins to change wheelbase.

The top mounted composite bracket gives extra stiffness to the front section, it holds the 3mm thick carbon fiber front shock tower and allow for the down-stop screws.

Anti-roll bars
The ball raced front anti-roll bar is a wire type, with very easy and fast open access on the front, captured in the aluminum front braces. The standard wire is 2.5mm and 2 other as options. The pivot balls link system directs the power to the bar in a smooth way and easy to adjust the tweak with the captured pivot ball.
The ball raced rear anti-roll bar mount in steel adaptors, which run in nylon spacers in the aluminum holders as integral part of the rear brackets, with 2.5mm as standard wire and 2 other as options. The anti-roll bar links to the rear lower arms with adjustable track rod guidance.
Front one-way axle
In the front the black anodized aluminum front axle with Japan-made one-way bearings features a free of play and super-true pulley assembly. Spring steel drive cups, strong, long and thin spring-steel driveshaft with CVD system, and ball raced spring steel wheel axles with aluminum quick-change levers. The open front end design allows for very fast and easy removal of the front axle or parts.

Rear brackets
The rear end construction with the aluminum brackets holds the rear axle. Its open design allows for ease of maintenance and cleaning, and needs very few screws to dis-assemble. Replacing a belt in case needed is simple and very fast too. The eccenter on the rear shaft allows for belt tensioning.
The suspension bracket and rear plate hold the pins firmly and have composite roll-center inserts to allow for fast and precise changes.

Rear axle
The solid rear axle with new lightweight 48T pulley in Serpent spring steel, 9mm wide with 4 slots for the pin.

In the rear strong spring steel drive shafts, spring steel wheel-axles with aluminum quick-change levers and a spring steel rear axle. Very durable and lasting drivetrain.

Rear wishbones
The long durable rear lower wishbones can be used left and right. The lower rear arm holds the low mounted link for the rear anti-roll bar and holds the aluminum mounting plate of the rear shocks, which allows a position which is very far to the rear and to the outside for best performance/ geometry. The lower arms also hold the easily accessible down-stop screws. Nylon clips are used on the lower rear pins to change wheelbase.

The durable composite uprights hold the ball raced spring steel wheel axles, with aluminum quick-change levers. The 8.5mm pivotballs are used to adjust camber fast and easy with the smooth hex-shaped plugs. The arms of the floating body mount to the top of the uprights. On top of the up-right spacers can be added under the pivot ball to change roll center and camber change.
Optional carbon fiber disks can be mounted on the side of the uprights for aerodynamic reasons.

The adjustable rear upper chamber links mount to the rear carbon camber plate with 2 positions.

Body mount rear
The rear floating body mount is mounted on the up-rights with 2 arms and held in place by a carbon-fiber-steel guider. The 2 arms have 2 positions to choose from, depending on body in use. The end of the mount allow for mounting body-supports, with full threading to allow exact positioning. The system leads the available downforce direct onto to the uprights to the tires.

Bearings NSK
The kit features high speed NSK ball bearings, mostly sealed ones with aero shell lubrication or grease. All bearings in the car (except for the servo saver and brake cam) are seated in nylon bushings to reduce vibrations and play.

The shock absorbers are the latest short Serpent Big bore units with membranes. The threaded bodies with setting-nuts (O-ring inside) make ride height changes easy and precise. The front and rear shock are identical. The shocks are very smooth, and easy to assemble and fill. The x-rings are pre-oiled. The shock springs are selected, matched, flat grinded, color-coded units.

The kit does not include motor, batteries, speedo, radio-gear, body, tires-wheels or electronics.
The silicone shock oil is included.

The 977-e comes with a full color assembly manual as PDF download, reference guide and exploded views booklet all in one. Set-up sheets (blank and default) are included separately, and 2 decal sheets are included as well.

Set-up possibilities
- Wheelbase
- Caster
- Trailing/leading steering
- Offset
- Kingpin-inclination
- Camber
- Camber change
- Roll-centers
- Ride height
- Droop
- Width
- Toe-in
- Weight balance
- Shocks for dampening and springs, shock angle
- Anti-roll bar thickness

A large selection of optionals to further improve performance, speed, weight and looks.

A nice selection of shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, bags, tools and decals.

Designed by Michael Salven, Europe

Servo saver
The spring-loaded servo-saver allows easy and fast Ackermann settings. The servo-saver features a top mounted insert which can be used in 3 positions. Another 2 Ackermann positions on the steering blocks.

The super true pulleys have holes in the side flanges to allow dirt and dust to move out easier.

  • Brand:
  • Product Type:
    Electric cars > 1/8 onroad:
  • Class:
    1/8th scale electric on-road
  • Purpose:
    High-end competition
  • Weight:
    2.7 kg (depending on gear)
  • Track-width rear:
    260mm - 266mm
  • Track-width front:
    250mm - 260mm
  • Wheel base:
    Adjustable 296 - 300mm +/-1.7mm
  • :
    Adjustable +/- 3mm (rear)
  • Chassis:
    5mm alu, precision CNC machined
  • Radio plate:
    2.5mm carbon fibre,
  • Suspension:
    Independent double wishbone suspension
  • Shock absorbers:
    RCM bigbore shock absorbers
  • Rear axle:
    Solid rear axle
  • Front axle:
    Aluminum front axle with one-way bearings
  • Instructions:
    Full colour Instruction manual as PDF
  • Adjustability:
    Camber, Caster, Down-stops, Up-stops, Toe-in, Track width, Wheel base, Front & rear roll centre
  • :
    radio equipment, wheels, tires, battery packs, speedo, motor are not included.
  • :
01-25-17manual 977-e-evo2 v18 MBDownload
04-05-17977E Evo2 - Alex Thurston - Cotswolds UK - 2017818 KBDownload
02-03-17977E Evo2 - Editable setup sheet1 MBDownload
02-03-17977E Evo2 - Blank setup sheet1 MBDownload
02-03-17977E Evo2 - Default setup sheet1 MBDownload

Serpent Asia Cup 2017, Hong Kong, 1/8 EP class added (10/26/2017)

For the upcoming Serpent Asia Cup 2017 (SAC2017) we have added the 1/8 scale electric powered class.

2 and 3 december, TRC Track , Hong Kong

You can take part using the 966-e or Viper 977-E.

So overall now the following classes are being run:
1/8 scale GT - GP stock: Cobra GT8
1/8 scale GT - GP open: Cobra GT8
1/8 scale GP: 966, 977, 988
1/8 scale EP: 966-e, 977-e
1/10 scale GP: 747, 748, 748-WC

Special guest drivers:
Nicholas Lee
Dominic Greiner
Michael Salven


Limited rooms reserved at HKD 583 nett / night.
Deadline advising on 6th November, first comes first serves.

SPT - Serpent Performance Team

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