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Spyder Buggy SRX-2 RM 2wd 1/10 RTR (SER500002)
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Spyder Buggy SRX-2 RM 2wd 1/10 RTR (SER500002)

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Spyder Buggy SRX-2 RM 2wd 1/10 RTR The RTR Spyder buggy is based on the high end competition version of the Spyder RM buggy and shares most components and geometry. All option parts of the race version alsof fit the RTR version. Main features - Ready to race - Prepainted and precut buggy body - Dragon-RC 2.4 GHz transmitter TX-RX - Waterproof Electronic speedcontroller 45A - Brushless, sensorless motor 9T - Expert factory assembly and set-up - Dragon-RC premounted buggy tyres - Spring steel transmission - Gear differential and solid slipper
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Serpent SPYDER 2wd Ready to Race buggy
1/10 scale, electric powered

The RTR Spyder buggy is based on the high end competition version of the Spyder RM buggy and shares most components and geometry. All option parts of the race version alsof fit the RTR version. It comes complete with everything except transmitter batteries and car battery.

Designed by World Champion Billy Easton, USA

Serpent designer Billy Easton, former 1/10 scale 2wd World Champion, and the designer of the successful Cobra 1/8 series of cars, and the Spyder 1/10 RM, MM and SCT, has created this new masterpiece.

Key features of the SPYDER 2wd RTR buggy:


Composite chassis plate with a layout allowing for a perfect weight balance, and optimal space for the electronics, battery and servo. The front Kick-up angle in the Chassis incorporates more clearance for racing and allow for more nose landings

Composite front and rear shock towers. The thick composite shock towers have multiple shock angle positions allowing customers to fine tune for varying track conditions.

Shock absorbers
Dual system 12mm big bore shocks with coated threaded bodies, a unique cap design, a superbly sealing o-ring and spacer package. The Shocks can be used in Bladder or Emulsion setups. The shock-set comes with a set of moulded pistons to choose from. A selection of springs-sets is available to fine-tune the suspension settings. Shock Collars with inner o-rings are used on the threaded bodies to set-ride height.

Front upper bulkhead
The front upper bulkhead is and supports the upper links and shock tower in the best possible way. The front section offers the option to mount a front wing and sway bar unit

Front wishbones
The front Wishbones are made from a super strong composite material. The arms are angled to optimize the CG and pivot on 3mm captured pins on the inside and out. The arms have 2 mounting positions for shock angle and are prepared to use an optional anti-roll bar if needed.

Front and Rear Track Rods
Spring steel front and rear track rods are mounted to durable composite captured ball joints. The track Rods have L/R threading for easy adjustments.

Castor blocks and settings
Caster block inserts come as 0, 2.5 and 5 degree version all of which are included. The caster blocks are very compact and strong units made from a special composite material.

Steering Block and Rear Upright
The steering blocks fit 5x10x4 mm bearings. The rear hub uprights use a larger 5x14x4 outer bearing and 10x15x4 mm inner for ultimate lasting performance. The steering blocks and rear uprights utilize some of the best high strength materials on the market today.

Upright Settings
The rear uprights allow you to adjust, the toe in from -2 to + 2 degrees by use of various inserts also included in the kit.

Steering system and Ackermann
The steering system has a reverse swinging pivot system that optimizes the efficiency through all different types of corners. You have 3 Ackerman choices to choose from.

Wheel-axles and wheel hex.
The spring steel wheel-axles utilized 12mm hex adapter to follow current market standards. The front springs steel axle is fixed, while the rear wheel-hex is a clamping aluminum version.

Battery space mount and weight balance
The battery is mounted perfectly in the center line of the car, and can be moved to front or back to play with weight balance. Pieces of hard foam are supplied to do so and secure the battery in position. The battery-top-brace has a secure quick release system with handy twist nuts.

The gear-differenial is a super compact, effective and durable unit. The structure and assembly is common type in this class, but the high quality parts and well functioning will make it stand out. The height of the diff can be changed with the inserts.

The car features a solid slipper combined with a steel gear, to have a simple and durable system. The slipper clutch is optional.

Motor plate and motor guard
The motor plate is a machined aluminum; it is then anodized and machined for weight. The composite motor guard will keep your motor protected even after the hardest of landings.

Anti-roll bars
Anti-roll bars can be fitted on the front and rear of the car, but are optional. They can be used on high grip surfaces to further adjust the cars performance

Rear Transmission case
The composite rear transmission case is light and durable. It allows the customer to adjust the differential height to each specific condition. It also securely holds the motor plate, differential as well as supports the rear wing mount and rear carbon fibre shock tower.

Rear driveshaft system, wheel-axles
The spring steel drive shafts are thin and light, yet durable. The spring steel wheel-axles are 5mm, light and durable, guided by the 2 different size of bearings, inner 10x14x4 mm and outer 5x13x4 mm. The driveshaft pin is fully captured to prevent any failure. These bearings are for sure to stand up the rigors of any track condition.

Rear suspension brackets and toe in
The 3mm spring steel pivot pins are held in place by the suspension bracket made from aluminum. Inside the bracket you use inserts to set toe-in and roll center. You can adjust the toe-in from 2 to 4 degrees and adjust the anti squat from 0 to 4 degrees.

Rear suspension arms
The long and durable angled rear suspension arms are very tough units to withstand the rigors of the track and the hard landings. The rear arm offers 2 options for shock position and two mounting locations for the rear anti-roll bar if needed.

Rear Chassis skid plate
The composite rear skid plate connects to the chassis plate. This connection allows you to unclip the rear end in one piece, but helps reduce the total cost of maintenance. It is also made from extremely high strength composite material.

Body shell and rear wing
The prepainted and pere-cut light and low cab-forward style body, made in top quality clear polycarbonate, has a nice flowing line, steep front windscreen for down force with indents in the section in front of the windscreen. The shark fin on the roof of the cabin offers not only style but stability. The smooth body lines enhance the cars appearance and do so in style
The polycarbonate rear wing utilizes raised cutes in the sides to improve wheel clearance.

Rear wing holder
The composite rear wing holder is connected to the rear bulkhead and shock tower. It is fully adjustable from 0,2,4,6 and 8 degrees. Its fixed into place by a washers and screws.

High speed sealed stainless steel ballbearings with orange shields and aeroshell oil

Hard steel , mostly allen screws, roundhead and countersunk. Minimized number of different allen heads to make working on the car easier.

Durable white nylon flat faced wheels, specifically designed to utilize the advancements in the front and rear suspension geometry. Dragon-Rc offroad tyres premounted.

RTR equipment:
Dragon-RC DTS-3 2.4GHz transmitter
Combined with supersmall receiver.

Powerfull Dragon-RC 9T brushless / sensorless motor.

Waterproof Dragon-RC electronic speedcontroller.
Dragon-RC premounted offroad tyres.

The kit comes as RTR car. Just needs AA bateries for the radio and a battery for the car.

DragonRC transmitter and receiver
The modern full feature 2.4 GHz transmitter.
• Specs DTS-3 Radio Control System
• 2-channel, 2.4GHz, FHHS, Frequency: 2.4G - DC: 9.6V,%150mA, Net weight: 360g
• Supports dual rate function for the STEERING

The receiver is a supersmall and light unit
• Spread spectrum mode:FHSS
• Channels: 2
• Frequency: 2.4G
• DC: 4.5~5.5v,%30mA
• Net weight: 9.0g

DragonRC electronic speedcontroller DX-10 WP
• l programmable electronic speed controller with small footprint
• 45A version, waterproof
• to be used for most brushless motors, bot sensored and sensorless
• to be used with max 2 or 3S lipo, or max 6 cell NIMH
• optional program card available
• 65 grams only

DragonRC motor 9T-3000 kv
• Powerfull and durabe 9T motor with full alu case
• Brushless, maintenance free version
• Sensorless version with supersmooth response
• With 9-T and 3000 kv offers lots of power and excitement

Main features
- Ready to race
- Prepainted and precut buggy body
- Dragon-RC 2.4 GHz transmitter TX-RX
- Waterproof Electronic speedcontroller 45A
- Brushless, sensorless motor 9T
- Expert factory assembly and set-up
- Dragon-RC premounted buggy tyres
- Hard composite chassis and shocktowers
- Spring steel transmission parts
- Gear differential and solid slipper
- High performance race geometry
- Rear motor design
- Unique steeringblock design
- Big bore 12mm RCM type shocks with dual system
- Highly Efficient Steering ackermann
- Adjustable rear differential height
- Narrow composite chassis design
- Low, cab forward body

Set-up possibilities
- Wheelbase
- Caster
- Ackerman
- Axle height Front
- Front and rear camber
- Front Toe-in and toe-out
- Rear Inboard toe-in angle
- Rear Outboard toe-in angle
- Antisquat
- Roll-centers
- Ride height
- Weight balance
- Shocks for dampening and springs, shock angle
- Gear ratios
- Anti-roll bar thickness ( option)
- Electronic placement

Kit includes
- RTR car
- Not included: TX and car battery and charger

Length: 385mm
Width: varies with set-up
Wheelbase: 281mm
Gear Ratio: 2.43:1
Weight: varies with electronics used

Designed by Billy Easton, USA

Team Serpent

  • Brand:
  • Product Type:
    Electric Cars > 1/10 offroad:
  • Part number:
  • Car:
    Spyder SRX-2 Rear motor 2wd RTR
  • Class:
    1/10 buggy 2wd
  • Level:
    Hobby / Competition
  • Length:
  • Width:
    varies with set-up
  • Wheelbase:
  • Gear Ratio :
  • Weight:
    varies with gear used
  • Not included:
    TX battery, car battery, charger
09-18-14Manual speedo DX-10442 KBDownload
09-17-14French manual SRX-2 RTR buggy1 MBDownload
09-12-14Spanish manual SRX-2 RTR buggy1 MBDownload
09-12-14Deutsche Anleitung SRX-2 RTR 1 MBDownload
08-20-14Transmitter manual777 KBDownload
08-20-14Manual 5000026 MBDownload
08-14-14Spring-chart 1/10232 KBDownload
07-28-15SRX2-RM - set-up - edit 2.1838 KBDownload
07-28-15SRX2-RM - set-up - default 3860 KBDownload
07-28-15SRX2-RM - set-up - blank 2.1711 KBDownload

Norway: new Serpent distributor Elefun (03/12/2015)

Serpent is proud to announce the longterm agreement on the Distribution of the growing Serpent car line and accessories in Norway with Elefun.

Some first shipment are made to Elefun already, and over the course of the next weeks, Elefun will stock up all the cars and items which may sell well in Norway.

We are looking forward to coop with Elefun in best way, to make Serpent again the major brand in Norway it has been for so long. The over 30 cars line up of Serpent brand combined with the supply and service of Elefun will make that happen.

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11/03/2014 Serpent Spyder RM Buggy RTR video scoop

09/11/2014 Serpent Spyder RTR 1/10 buggy Micro-webpage is ready

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