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Serpent S411 FF 1/10 EP 2wd (SER400009) - DISCONTINUED
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Serpent S411 FF 1/10 EP 2wd (SER400009) - DISCONTINUED

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Serpent 411 FF Front Wheel Drive FWD racing car, 1/10 scale 190mm. High end racing chassis for the FWD racing class. Kit-version. Wheels, tyres and electronics not included.
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The front section is machined from 7075 T6 aluminium which hold the front mounted motor securely and as low as possible for optimal center of gravity.

The alumnium parts and carbon shocktower create a very strong assembly to stand the brute power of the motor and form a strong basis for the suspension.

The compact and light front gear-differential is powered through 2 smaller central gears, which connect to the spur / motorgear.

Ball raced dual axis steering system in durable aluminium with adjustable ackermann through shims.

Cemetrical high quality carbon fibre chassis in 2.25 mm material, lowered to mount the battery tape below the chassis and carbon fibre flex top-deck in 2mm.

The Lipo pack is held in place with nylon brackets front and rear, and to the side as well.

The alu steering-servo mounts allow installing most commonly used servo's.

Shocktowers front and rear in 2.5mm carbon fibre, with front 3 and rear 6 mounting holes for the shocks.

The long version flexible bodymounts suit the higher type bodies used in FWD racing. The 411 TC type bodymounts also fit the car as needed to use a lower bodyshell.

The 411 FF is fitted with the latest RCM Serpent shockabsorbers with coated alu shock-housing, stabile or-ring/shim package, rubber rembrames and precison made pistons.

The 411 FF uses medium type suspension arms, c-hubs, uprights and steeringblocks. Optional ones in soft and hard version can be tried too.

The front and rear uses machined aluminium suspension brackets for a super stabile and smooth drive. Shims are used to change wheelbase. The strong spring-steel pivotpins pivot on steel balls captured in the suspension brackets for supersmooth action.

The front spring-steel CVD driveshafts are very durable and light. Same material is in use for the wheel-axles as well.

The hex wheel-adaptors are made of durable and light aluminium.

Front and rear wire-type anti-roll bars. The anti-roll bars are pefectly centered and hold in place with nylon holders in the corrrect size. The anti-roll bars connect to a pivotball on the suspension arm. The length of this can be adjusted easily from the bottom with a hextool.

The 411-FF kit comes as racing chassis and does not include electronics, tyres/wheels, body or radio.

The kit comes in a strong compact carton box with parts packed in nylon bags per assembly step, as indicated in the full color manual. 2 pcs of body decal-sheet are included as well.

  • Brand:
  • Product Type:
    Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm:
  • Purpose:
    1/10 scale electric onroad front wheel drive
  • Chassis:
    2.5mm carbon fibre, and carbon top-deck
  • Suspension:
    independent suspension with medium type arms
  • Rear axle:
  • Front axle:
    front wheel drive, spring steel cvd
  • Drive system:
    front, with gear differential
  • Shock absorbers:
    membrame type with coated alu shockhousing
  • Ball-bearings:
    high speed lightweight stainless steel bearings
  • Wheel base:
    254mm +/- 4mm
  • Track-width front:
  • Track-width rear:
  • Adjustability:
    caster, camber, wheelbase, roll centers,
  • :
    ride height, track-width
  • Internal drive ratio:
    52/20, so 2.6
  • Instructions:
    Full color instructions
  • Decals:
    Black / white body decals included
  • Not included:
    Electronics, tyres, body
07-17-12411-FF manual V22 MBDownload
03-28-12411-FF report RC-MAN1 MBDownload
03-28-12411-FF report RC-MAN1 MBDownload
03-28-12411-FF report RC-MAN1 MBDownload
03-28-12411-FF exploded view906 KBDownload
02-28-12411-FF partslist68 KBDownload
07-09-13411-FF - set-up - editable859 KBDownload
03-05-12411-FF - default set-up sheet409 KBDownload
03-01-12411-FF set-up blank v2411 KBDownload
02-28-12411-FF - Fischer - TITC 2012425 KBDownload

Serpent 411-FF Test in RC-MAN-HK (09/13/2012)

The Serpent 411-FF is very popular in Asia, as this class is being raced there a lot, often instead of stock-class, or just as extra class.

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03/27/2012 Serpent 411-FF report by RC-Man ( HongKong)

02/27/2012 TITC Thailand: Fischer TQ and wins FWD class with 411-FF

02/14/2012 New: Serpent 411-FF 1/10 electric front wheel drive version

10/13/2011 Scoop: new Serpent 411 Front Wheel Drive 1/10

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