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Serpent S120 Link 1/12 pancar EP (SER410003)
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Serpent S120 Link 1/12 pancar EP (SER410003)

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Serpent 1/12 scale pancar S120 Link. Link version of the successfull S120 1/12 scale pan-car ( 400 001). High performance 1/12 scale pan chassis, with nicely machined carbon fibre and aluminium parts. Superb fully adjustable front end creates loads of steering. Spring loaded Link system, in combination with diagonal positioned main shock and lateral damper with through shaft, control the roll of the car. Well balanced chassis offers wide selection of set-up features and options to dial the car in best for any track. No wheel/tyres, electronics or body included. Available end feb.2010. At LHS start march.
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The S120 Link chassis consists of 2 main elements, the 2.5mm thick carbon fibre chassis plate and the rear aluminium motor pod. The chassis uses a Link-system , and is damped using a conventional centrally mounted shock absorber together with a laterally mounted floating monoshock.

The front end of the car is completely adjustable and utilises the now standard fixed lower suspension arms combined with active top wishbones, which together with kingpin mounted springs ensure that the car is able to corner at high speeds and soak up any small bumps found on the racing surface.

Serpent pan-car developers Markus Mobers and Paul Ciccarello, both with over 20 years of pan car racing experience, created this new masterpiece, assisted by Billy Easton and Michael Salven.

The front end of the car features 11 different adjustments to help you get the most from your car, all of which are easy to adjust and measure. Fixed lower suspension arms are themselves damped by the central strut which uses rubber o-rings to take up the flex in this area, while the grey anodised aluminium front upper wishbone mounts are available in different caster angles, the car being supplied with 6 degree versions as standard. With the steering block king pins spring loaded, the cornering forces are channelled through the upper wishbone, which enable the car to corner at high speeds.

Another unique feature of the S120 Link is its laterally mounted floating monoshock which dampens the flex between the chassis and the motor pod.

Mounted using ball joints from the top of the rear motor pod, both ends of the shock shaft are attached to the top of the rear carbon body mount plate on the chassis, and thanks to its design even the smallest of movements between the front and rear of the car is easily absorbed.

This system plays a big part in how the car turns into a corner which can be adjusted through the use of different oils and shock pistons.

The springloaded side-bars, the links, are made of composite nylon and control the roll of the chassis, together with the lateral damper and the main central shock.

Precision made springs and pivot balls.

The central section is a combination of elements to control the movements of the rear end perfectly
- a central main shock, based on the famous Serpent RCC technology; the shocktower enables various angles.
- the laid down mono-shock, same as used in the S120T before, with through type shock-rod, and excellent dampening charateristics
- 2 spring loaded shaped side bars
These elements interact to create the best possible handling (roll, bump and alignment) under all grip-conditions.

For securely mounting the body shell to your S120 Link, the car has strong plastic body posts front and rear. All 4 posts are supplied with orange anodised adjustable collars to precisely adjust the body's height and the posts are supplied extra long to allow the user to cut them to their own preferred length. The front body posts have also been designed to help protect the front of the carbon chassis from splitting in the event of a heavy front impact.

On the S120 Link, the cells can be mounted in 2 different positions by simply changing the composite battery insert mounting position. Attaching it to the front or rear of the slot means the cells can move by 4mm, perfect for adjusting the cars weight distribution.

The S120 Link also includes 4 pcs of Lipo inserts made in nylon, which can be glued to the Lipo pack and fit the battery-slots perfectly and thus keep them in place.

The S120 Link comes supplied with a high quality miniature servo saver, which through the use of orange anodised shims, has adjustable Ackerman.

The kit includes 3 alu servo posts to select from, which enable perfectly centered mounting of any popular brand servo.

The lightweight graphite rear axle is mounted on bearings that sit within eccentric composite inserts that allows the user to ability to quickly and easily change the rear ride height of the car simply by changing between inserts.

The kit comes supplied with all 9 inserts which range between 0 and 4mm, each differing by 0.5mm and all are reversible for an even wider range of adjustment.

The S120 Link comes supplied with a durable and high performance ball differential. Easily adjusted by a plastic nut, accessible through the right rear wheel, the diff uses high quality steel balls and plates and is supplied with both suitable silicone and graphite grease for use during assembly and maintenance.

The re-designed rear diff features improved hardened D-plates and carbon shaft assembly for super smooth diff action.

To aid rear traction under acceleration and to absorb bumps, the S120 Link sports a centrally mounted shock absorber. Supplied with a soft spring, the pre load of which can be adjusted, the front mount of this shock absorber is used for adjusting the rear down stop and range of movement between the chassis and motor pod.

The central shock is mounted on a shock-tower with a number of positions to choose from.

The strong basis is formed by the 2.5mm thick carbon fibre chassis plate with pockets to allow 4-cell packs or 1S Lipo pack, with supports enabling a forward or backward battery position, and enough space for all the valuable electronics.

The newly designed motorpod is a beautifull combination of high quality machined alu brackets and top quality carbon fibre parts, bolted together to create an ultra stiff rear pod. The new motor-bracket allows the brushless motor to be mounted in the optimal position for car balance and offers good heat dissipation as well .

The S120 Link is sold in a very compact matt black box and which can fit the built S120 (minus wheels). To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent supplies a full colour instruction manual and integrated reference guide section that contains all the exploded views and latest options. The S120 link also comes supplied with a pair of decal sheets in black and white.

The manual is available to download as a PDF in the 'Downloads' section of this product page.

  • Brand:
  • Product Type:
    Electric Cars > 1/12 pan:
  • Class::
    1/12th scale
  • Purpose::
    Competition pan car
  • Chassis::
    2.5mm carbon fibre, 4-cell, CNC machined
  • Rear axle::
    Graphite shaft with ball differential
  • Drive system::
    2wd direct drive to rear axle
  • Shock absorbers::
    Central oil filled shock absorber and lateral monoshock
  • Wheel base::
    195.5mm +/- 0.5mm
  • Track-width front::
    163mm +/- 3mm
  • Track-width rear::
08-16-10S120L - reflist excel25 KBDownload
03-05-10manual addition S120L march 201081 KBDownload
03-03-10manual S120L v33 MBDownload
02-22-10S120L blank387 KBDownload
02-22-10S120L edit480 KBDownload
01-31-11S120L: Fransson -1 467 KBDownload
12-06-10S120L - Paul Ciccarello, US nats 20102 MBDownload
09-27-10120L: Kerswell-Chesterfield228 KBDownload
02-25-10S120L - Paul Ciccarello413 KBDownload
11-13-09S120 L blank set-up387 KBDownload

Germany: Mobers vice-champion open German Nats 1/12 (04/17/2011)

GERMAN 1/12 Nationals 2011
This year the German Championship 1/12 took place at the famous Megadrom Geilenkirchen track. Especially the modified class was one to watch for. With Ronald Völker, Marc Fischer, Markus Mobers and Daniel Sieber there were four European championship a-finalists in the entry list, so some intense racing was awaited.

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03/03/2011 EC 1/12 : Mobers vice-champion in stock with S120L

02/14/2011 USA: Mobers reports on Snowbirds 2011

01/29/2011 USA, Snowbirds, Mobers takes 3rd place in all 3 classes for Serpent

01/29/2011 USA, Snowbirds: Mobers stays on front rows with Serpent pancars

01/27/2011 USA, Snowbirds, Mobers in front after 2 rounds

01/23/2011 USA, Snowbirds: Mobers runs 1/12 and 1/10 WGT

01/17/2011 UK: Kerswell S120L wins BRCA 1/12 race stock Plymouth

01/16/2011 EPS Holland: great results with S120L and S100

01/10/2011 Netherlands: Dutch EPS race in Heemstede

01/09/2011 UK: Kerswell Tq's and wins Ardent 1/12 race with S120L

11/09/2010 UK: Kerswell with S120L twice on podium in BRCA Nats around one

11/03/2010 EPS Germany: Mobers takes victory with Serpent S120

10/11/2010 Germany: Serpent win in Masters of Foam, pancar racing

09/28/2010 Indoor-racing: get ready for indoor-action with Serpent S120L, S100 and S240

09/26/2010 Team: Chris Kerswell joins Team Serpent S120

06/30/2010 WC 1/12: Mobers reports

06/30/2010 WC 1/12: Mobers finished 2nd in the B, so 12th overall, Asmer 17th

06/28/2010 WC 1/12 Germany: Mobers with S120 in 12th and Asmer in 21st

06/27/2010 WC 1/12, Germany: Mobers and Asmer with Serpent S120

06/24/2010 WC 1/12: Germany: interview with Mobers

06/17/2010 WC 1/12 and 1/10 electric , Germany

04/28/2010 Hungary Nats: Faur champion with S120 and vice champion with S400

04/28/2010 German nats 1/12 2010: Mobers TQ's with Serpent S120L

04/18/2010 Germany: Dortmund show races pan-cars

03/28/2010 USA Roar Nats 1/12, finals

03/27/2010 USA EP Nats 1/12 Qualifying after all 6 heats

03/25/2010 USA: EP Nats, Ciccarello fastest in 1/12 practise with S120

03/25/2010 UK: Hicklin / S120 wins UK Nats stock Rd. 6

03/15/2010 EC Report Mobers: vice champion 1/12 2010

03/15/2010 Germany, Serpent does triple with S400 and S120, again

03/08/2010 Serpent S120L, vice champion in Belgium

03/07/2010 EC 1/12: Mobers vice-champion prostock S120L

03/06/2010 EC 1/12 Saturday, Q results

03/05/2010 EC 1/12 UK friday

03/03/2010 EFRA 1/12 EC, UK

03/03/2010 S120 Link good showing in the UK

02/09/2010 Makus Mobers report Snowbirds 2010

02/09/2010 Paul Ciccarello report Snowbirds 2010

01/30/2010 Snowbirds Saturday qualifying - sunday finals

01/28/2010 Snowbirds: 1/12 Wednesday practise / thursday heats (2)

11/23/2009 Mobers dominates European Pan Series race 2 (EPS) with S120

11/13/2009 Scoop: Serpent 1/12 scale pancar S120 Link

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