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Serpent Natrix 750 EVO 4wd 1/10 GP (SER804012)
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Serpent Natrix 750 EVO 4wd 1/10 GP (SER804012)

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The Serpent 750 Evo Natrix is the evolution of the ultra-successful 750. To improve the car we left no stone unturned and tried our ultimate best to make an even better car
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The chassis is made from 3mm 7075-T6 aluminium and has been improved regarding the flex characteristics

It features a new weight bridge, vibration isolated as already used in the big brother, the 989.

For the front we can also use a small adjustable weight, especially useful under high-grip circumstances

In the rear we now have 2 options for the pivot-width. The default position is the same as in the 750, while the wider option is similar to the 748

The new rear suspension is completely new. It features the possibility of a toe change during suspension travel.
Due to the unique design, there is zero binding as well under all circumstances

In the neutral position the toe-change is absolute zero. In this position the rear end acts like the regular 750 rear end.

The higher the link on the upright, the more toe-gain is achieved under compression, resulting in more rear traction under acceleration

The new front arms are open style for aerodynamic reasons. They feature mounting points for an optional heave damper

The 2-speed gearbox is completely new. It is based on the 989 gearbox and bullet-proofed

A much longer ramp for the roller avoiding locking of the second gear even with excessive wear on the shoes

M4 setscrews for gap adjustment to help keeping the gap constant

2 bearings in the second gear “bell” for better truth of rotation and balance

2nd gear adapter is locked in position to avoid binding and deliver constant performance of engine and gearbox

Newly designed flex cover provides a force free stiffener rod

New shocks and shock towers. These shocks are taken from the 989 and provide trouble-free, low friction action for increased traction

The piston is fixed onto the shaft with a nut. No clipses or shims.

On top of that we payed a lot of attention to the bottom seal. 2 X-rings and a long bushing provide that extra bit of low-friction sealing that keeps the oil inside and the dirt outside

Hard anodized bushings provide a 100% secure positioning of the front upper suspension brackets

As an option the 989 offers a heave-damper setup in the front as well as the rear.

In this way it is possible to change heave adjustments more or less independent of roll adjustments.
As an example it is possible to have a very light roll damping combined with a very high heave damping, something which is not possible with a classic suspension.
The third damper can be used to only alter the damping characteristics without a third spring, but also to add a spring to alter spring rates for heave
The front and rear heave sets are available as an option.

Another option is a side-guard/stiffener for the bodyshell

Designed by World and European Champion Michael Salven

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07-14-22Manual S750 EVO V1.215 MBDownload
09-21-20Ref guide S750 EVO22 KBDownload
03-08-24750 EVO - Bryce Butterfield - Clays Hobby Shop Costa Rica - 2024981 KBDownload
06-21-22750 EVO - Charlee P - RC Adict Thai - 2022944 KBDownload
09-24-21750 EVO - Julius Kolff - Baanbrekers NL - 2021889 KBDownload
08-19-21750 EVO - Bryce Butterfield - Steel City USA - 2021888 KBDownload
08-05-21750 EVO - Juan Hidalgo - Aigen A - 20211 MBDownload
06-09-21750 EVO - Alessio Mazzeo - Naxos world track I - 20212 MBDownload
11-19-20750 EVO - Bryce Butterfield - Steel City USA - 20201 MBDownload
11-04-20750 EVO - Default setupsheet V11 MBDownload
11-04-20750 EVO - Editable setupsheet V11 MBDownload
11-04-20750 EVO - Blank setupsheet V11 MBDownload
09-15-20750 EVO - Blank setupsheet1 MBDownload
09-10-20750 EVO - Editable setupsheet1 MBDownload
09-10-20750 EVO - Blank setupsheet1 MBDownload

Juan Hildalgo reports his ENS race in Aigen Austria. (08/05/2021)

Well...! ENS round 1 in the beautiful Aigen track, Austria, is already in the books.
Back home with my dad after four days of Racing.

Sweet and sour taste after a good pace in the qualification, scoring a P1 and a P2 and securing the second position in the grid.

In the final, one of the strangest things that ever happened to me occurred, in the warm up everything was fine, and in the beginning of 45’ final, I missed all engine power in the first laps and drivers who were behind overtook me in the straight and unfortunately some hit me and I finished in the grass (Yes, I was, actually really slow😅)
After some laps power just came back again (yes, magically🤔) and trying to recover I run out of fuel at 4’10”
After all, really happy with the performance of the 750EVO, with which I honestly think we could have fought for the win. Good pace and fastest laps in the 45’ final!

So that’s racing already thinking in the next one,

more >>>

06/09/2021 Alessio Mazzeo wins 1/10 AMCI Italian Championship!!!

09/11/2020 Serpent Natrix 750 EVO is coming soon!

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