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Cobra E-truggy  4wd 1/8 (SER600033)
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Cobra E-truggy 4wd 1/8 (SER600033)

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Serpent Cobra E-truggy in 1/8 scale 4wd. Purpose designed electric race-truggy, in full race spec with carbon shocktowers, big bore shocks, dutable transmission, 3 gear-diffs, ultra low longtudinal placed batteries, front mounted motor, front mounted speedo , superb E-truggy Cobra body.
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Serpent Cobra e-Truggy 1/8 4wd
Serpent introduces the 1/8 Cobra as E-Truggy. Electric powerhouse in truggy dress ready to compete in the booming E-Truggy competition class. Super narrow E-Truggy chassis with new E-Truggy body to match.

The Serpent Cobra e-truggy is the electric powered version of the very popular Cobra gaspowered Truggy. Serpent created the E-Buggy Cobra few years back, with the motor front mounted together with the speedo, receiver and servo, allowing the batteries to be mounted in longitudinal fashion in the center-back of the car, and as low as possible, one side each, to create a perfectly balanced car. This same design has not bene used also in the Truggy, just allowing more space for the motor in case a driver wants to mount the truggy size brushless motor.

Main features

Very narrow 3mm 7075T6 aluminium chassis, with machining on the upper face to make it lighter in strategic locations and to control flex. Kick-up front for proper landings. Angled side to increase cornering clearance, and secure and easy mounting side guards with 5 screws. Countersunk holes, pockets to position the suspension brackets. Grey anodized with Cobra Logo engraved. Overall the Truggy is designed to keep the weight very central and near to the centerline as possible, to create a great overall balance.

Side guards / battery trays
Durable shaped composite side guards / battery trays that follow the line of the chassis, and mount with 5 screws each side. Front and sides high enough to keep the dirt out. The guards/trays create a lot of stability. The batteries are mounted in longtudinal fashion, keeping the weight very low in the car. The battery trays feature hinged covers, to keep the batteries well in place, but are easy to open for access.

The motor is placed in the most optimal position in the car, keeping motor-forces and transmission parts / alignment in mind. Only one-screw is needed to secure the BL motor, in the nicely designed durable machined aluminium motormount. Space for additional motor-cooling available as needed. The space for the motor allows mountiong all popular buggy and (monster)truggy motors.

Composite chassis braces
Allows the chassis to flex which helps improve bump handling. Front and rear.

Front bumper
Nicely rounded front bumper, same as on the Cobra buggy, to protect the front anti-roll bar, suspension brackets, and flows inline with kick-up chassis front for safe landings.

Front suspension
Very long and durable composite lower wishbones, combined with upper spring-steel trackrods. 2 lower shock-mount positions. Downstops can be used as needed. Pivotball type anti-roll bar rods.
Front steering / servo saver / angled
Innovative angled front steering assembly to reduce the angle of difference between the total caster and steering plane. Therefore you will have less bump steer and a truer steering Ackerman through the entire range of suspension.

Adjustable spring loaded servo-saver system with interchangeable Ackermann plates. With the design of the steering bell cranks when changing the Ackerman you will not need to adjust your steering tie rods. You simply will only need to adjust your end points on your radio.. Very easy to access and set-up.

The Inboard Bell crank keeps the lever and linkage inside the car. It will aid in the prevention of damage to the steering system. Zero scrub radiuses on steering knuckle, helps reduce the jacking effect created by your steering knuckle offset. It provides a more direct fell while keeping the cars chassis more level while turning.

The front roll center can be changed quickly by moving the steering knuckle shims to their appropriate locations.

Topped of with a strong 5mm carbon fibre top-plate.

Front steering-block / c-hubs
Very durable front steeringblock / C-hub assembly .

Long and lightweight spring steel units with pressed in steel pins, laser-engraved. Same length front and rear.

Wheel-axles / wheel-nut
Serpent spring steel threaded wheel-axles with lightweight grey anodised aluminium wheel-nuts ( flanged and serrated) to keep the massive truggy wheels/tyres on track.

Captured universal joints
The idea here was simple. Guarantees you will finish a race without loosing a pin or set screw. All parts, axles and drive train components have capture pins

Front shocktower
Light, strong and durable machined 5mm carbon fibre units with 5 positions for shockangle.

Shock-set front and rear
16mm big bore shocks, with hard anodized precision threaded shock-bodies. Shockboots in silicone rubber to keep the dirt out . Chromed shock-shafts for supersmooth shockaction . The larger o rings provide less overall pressure and a better seal without dragging on the shock shaft.

Suspension brackets alu
The hinge-pins / hingepin balls are captured in precision machined, special shaped 7075 T6 aluminium, grey anodized with indicated type. They capture the nylon roll-center inserts.

Anti-roll bar / anti-roll bar linkage with pivotball
The anti-roll bars front and rear are made of high quality special spring steel, and are captured on the diff-cased in ballbearing for perfect guidance and control.

Receiver box / servo mount / speedo mount
Composite one piece radiobox to securely mount servo’ s, speedo and receiver. For optimum balance the light receiver fits the top-case easy, with a small opening to allow cable to protrude. The speedo seats very low on a plate just above the chassis, so short cables can be used to the motor. The servo is mounted in a vertical fashion.

Central diff
Optimised central gear-diff with 50T super-hard spur-gear . Very small, compact design to reduce rotating mass to the max.

Transmission shafts
Durable but light and thin Serpent spring steel, laser engraved shafts.

Front and rear diff
Optimised gear-diff with 50T superhard spur-gears . Very small, compact design to reduce rotating mass to the max. Same version front and rear. Diff coupler in spring steel seated in large barings for durability.

Rear shocktower
Light, strong and durable machined 5mm carbon fibre unit with 5 positions for shockangle.

Rear uprights
Durable composite rear uprights with 3 camber positions

In moist or wet dirt situations these mud guards reduce and dirt sticking to the rear drive shafts and shocks. Follow line of wishbone perfectly.

Rubber boots for shafts
Helps to keep the dirt out and the lubrication in. Reduces wear.

Suspension brackets rear
Nicely machined 7075 T6 aluminium with eccentric inserts to change set-up.

Rear wing mount
The composite rear wing mount, allows to change the angle of the rear wing.

Rear wing
Two stage high down force wing, has two levels of angle, which also includes 2 fins. Helps improve down force and straight line capability

Nylon bodymounts with wider seating for the body, securely fastened to the shocktowers.

Super Low profile Body
Improves appearance as well as keeps the profile low.

Serpent and Cobra-T logo decals in black-white print

Oils / grease
Kit includes high quality silicone oils for the diffs and shocks and a container of grease.

Full color manual showing assembly steps , exploded views and reference guide. Set-up sheet included.

Full color protective box to re-use for car transport or tyres.

  • Brand:
  • Product Type:
    Electric Cars > 1/8 offroad:
  • name: :
    Serpent Cobra-T E-Truggy
  • class: :
    1/8 scale 4wd E-truggy
  • type: :
    kit-version, high end competition
  • weight: :
    3.800 grams ( race ready, depends on gear used )
  • differential: :
    lighweight, small geardiffs , front, central and rear
  • shocks: :
    16mm big bore
  • gear-ratio::
  • wheels:
    not included; car designed for 0-offset wheels
  • included: :
    Kit, body, wing, silicone oil, full color manual, decalsheet.
  • not included: :
    Radio-gear, tyres-wheels, motor, speedo, batteries.
06-30-14Cobra E-truggy partlist (excel)194 KBDownload
06-30-14Manual E-Cobra Truggy7 MBDownload
03-01-17811-T-e - Austin Woodyard - Motorama USA - 2017232 KBDownload
04-29-15811-T-e - PC - PNB 2015568 KBDownload
08-05-14811-T-e - blank - edit528 KBDownload
08-05-14811-T-e - default549 KBDownload
08-05-14811-T-e - blank656 KBDownload
07-01-14811-T-e - Bornhorst - LCRC1 MBDownload
07-01-14811-T-e - Chicky - LCRC2 MBDownload

Serpent Cobra 1/8 E-Truggy optionals (08/17/2014)

For the Serpent 1/8 Cobra E-truggy we introduce
- the hard coated 7075 T6 alumnium CNC machined chassisplate for less flex and more durability, laser engraved with logo’s

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