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Serpent 411 Eryx 3.0 190mm (SER400016) - DISCONTINUED
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Serpent 411 Eryx 3.0 190mm (SER400016) - DISCONTINUED

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ERYX 3.0 Competition level 1/10th scale 190mm electric touring car chassis. Independent supension, Supershort shocks and low shocktowers, low motormount, lighter alu brackets lower and upper, 2mm alu 7075 T6 anodised chassis and carbon topdeck, alu suspension mounts, split inner mounts, front alu spool with blades, composite geardiff, front DJC v2, rear CVD wheelaxles. Also check the promo-site:
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Serpent ERYX 3.0 introduction

The Serpent ERYX ERYX 3.0 is the next big development stage for the411 platform. Featuring an ultra low centre of gravity, optimized weight distribution, high performance geometry and top quality materials throughout, the ERYX should see you in the winner’s circle in no time.

Key new items in the ERYX 3.0
• 2mm coated and laser engraved 7075 T6 aluminium chassis; dark grey anodised with ERYX 3.0 logo, lowered machined sides for optimal flex and lower CG, fully symmetrical for even flex
• lighter upper and lower bearingblocks front and rear indentical
• new type lower CG 7075 T6 motormount, centraly mounted
• seperate bushing to support the top-plate , to influence flex as needed
• lightweight aluminium spool with blades
• playfree steering assembly with pressed in bearings
• v2 type hard composite all around: wishbones, uprights, castorblocks.
• v2 hard composite wishbones with one central hole for shock mounting
• rear anti-roll bar mounted in front of rear arm
• anti-roll bar centering in lighter composite
• tapered composite anti-roll bar holders, to have superb fit with any wire diameter
• front double joint cardan shaft v2 with clips
• brackets standard : 3.5/ 0.5 split blocks in the rear, 2.0/ 0.5 in the front
• New material shock-O-rings
• Lightweight anodised aluminium camberlinks
• Lightweight anodised aluminium trackrods
• Lighter composite anti-roll bar centering front and rear
• ERYX 3.0 set-up sheet

The ERYX is supplied with high-quality lightweight bearings with orange seals throughout, making the drive train very efficient and allowing it to run very smoothly.

The front bumper has been made from a high impact absorbing foam material and is shaped to protect the entire front end of the car in the event of a crash. The bumper is held in place with a large top-plate.

Steering assembly
The Serpent ERYX utilises a centrally mounted ballraced dual pivot steering assembly-rack in aluminium. Offset steering linkage for correct steering geometry and ackermann. The steering assembly allows for very precise steering and great control. The ackermann is adjustable by using shims. The system now pivots on lower steering-shafts, creating a more direct steering feel. The bearing in the levers are pressed inside for a play-free assembly

Unique servo-holder
The unique and innovative servo holder has zero influence on tweak, as its floating above the chassis and mounted directly to the steering-assembly in the center of the car. This also keeps the weight lower than any other design.

Suspension brackets
For adjusting the cars toe-in and track-width, the ERYX is equipped with separately mounted suspension brackets on both the front and rear of the car. Each bracket features an easily recognisable number that corresponds to the setting being used and due to the way they are mounted allows the user to easily and accurately adjust their cars settings. The brackets are designed such way that they can be used in any position in the car. The inner brackets FR and RR are now split type, to allow for more flex. The split suspension blcoks are mirror type, so you can use them either left or right and obtain a different desired setting. This way less different blocks are needed for a good variety of settings. Standard ones: : 3.5/ 0.5 split blocks in the rear, 2.0/ 0.5 in the front

DJC / CVD's spring-steel
This car is supplied with a complete set of 4 high quality hard coated spring-steel CVD shafts, which are a highly consistent, efficient and durable way to transfer all the power the surface. The front ones are v2 type double joint cardans DJC, the rear regular CVD style shafts.

The newly designed very narrow chassis plate has been machined from 2mm 7075 6 aluminium, lowered sides to lower the center of gravity and mount the electronics lower. All holes in the base of the chassis have been countersunk . The chassis further features extra holes to mount weights and additional stiffners . All holes are as close to the centerline of the chassis, to create even flex.

The battery pack is kept in place by 2 mounts on the centreline of the car, and 2 special nylon mounts with slits to mount the glass-tape. The mounts can be reverted to move the battery more forward or backwards. Below these these the carbon Lipo battery holders are mounted.

Belts - drivetrain
The ERYX features a 2-belt configuration with a long front and a short rear Kevlar reinforced low friction belt that combied with precision moulded gears makes for a super smooth and free drive train.

Lower Shocktowers
The Serpent ERYX features lowered shocktowers 2.5mm thick carbon fibre shock towers on the front and rear of the car. The upper shock-mount height is now 5,7mm lower than in the ERYX-TE. Each tower sports many holes for adjustment of the shock absorber angle while the rear tower also acts as the mount for the rear body posts and the front tower accommodates a 3rd front body post.

The car comes supplied with a front spool which has been made from hard anodised aluminium and are used with blades to increase lifspan. The shape has been optimised to ensure that the part is as light as possible without compromising strength.

Anti-roll bars
The ERYX is supplied with coded anti-roll bars front and rear with a composite centering bracket. The anti-roll bars are available in a number of thicknesses and are connected to the wishbones using short adjustable track rods, connected with a pivot ball to the lower front wishbone, and with a ball directly to the rear lower wishbone.
The anti-roll bars run in small tapered nylon inserts , and the anti-roll bar is centered through one captured center bushing.

Harder C-hub front
A standard system on most high-end touring cars, the ERYX features a front C-hub system in Hard composite. The car comes standard with a 4-degree caster block. The C-hub is large enough to take out the drive-shaft assembly without dis-assembling the c-hubs.

Front suspension
Similar to the rear suspension in configuration, the front suspension sports a lower composite wishbone while the upper camber adjustment is handled using an aluminium track rod which is solid, lightweight and can easily handle impacts.

Rear section with improved harder arms
The rear end of the ERYX features stronger Hard lower wishbones . The lower wishbones can be used on both the left and right sides, minimizing the number of spare parts needed to bring to the track. The rear Hard upright features a pivot pin mounting point on the bottom and 2 upper camber link mounting holes for fine-tuning camber rise.

The front and rear end of the Serpent ERYX are fully indentical and been designed for high performance and ease of maintenance. The rear bearing blocks have been designed in 2 pieces which allows the topside to be simply removed with 4 screws, giving you easy access to the differential for maintenance or adjustment. All the parts have been machined from aluminium and are anodized in gun metal grey.

Central section
The new machined alumnium motorbracket is superlight and superlow an suits both stock and mod garing well. The motormount and middleshaft holder assembly with 2 longer legs connect to a seperate small alu bracket. The small front alu bracket, can be fitted with an alu bushing with long screw to connect to the top-deck. It can also be removed to create extra flex. The seperate machined brackets hold the light aluminium middle shaft/ 19T pulley.

Composite Gear differential v2 with composite gears and X-axle
The ERYX comes supplied with a lightweight and smooth rear gear-differential. This supersmall differential can handle all the power of BL motors. Gear-diff can also be used on the front. The new version has composite internal gears and 3.5mm x-shape shaft and features coated aluminium outdrives. The metal gears can also still be used or mixed with composite. ( The ball-diff is optional).

Super Short RCM Shocks
The new super-short Serpent onroad shockabsorbers lower the center of gravity even further. They come with threaded hard coated shock-bodies, pre-load shock nuts with o-ring, softer membrames , supersmooth and strong shock-rods with nut to hold the piston, perfectly moulded pistons ( 1,2,3 and 4 holes in kit), toplevel o-ring /bushing package, light spring-cups, strong balljoints. Main advantage is better response of the shocks under hard sudden impact, e.g. when touching a curb.
The volume of the SS shocks remain same as the earlier short shocks, and the key advantage is that you can continue using the normal size springs as before.

High quality race-springs included with color coding, grinded flat for even load.

Ackermann: two positions on the steering blocks , and the steering plate with shims
Camber: adjustable front and rear
Toe-in: adjustable front and rear
Front Caster: 4° static ( 0°, 2° or 6° as optional )
Downstops: adjustable front and rear
Front anti-dive: adjustable range 0° to 3°
Rear anti-squat: adjustable range 0° to 3°
Anti-roll bars: 1.4mm front and 1.4mm rear

The ERYX kit comes without body/wheel/tyres/spurgear and electronics. Its packed in a very small strong box with nice graphics, which can be re-used as parts or tyre box lateron. The box contains bags which are numbered in same sequence as steps in the manual.

Manual / decal / set-up sheet
To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent supplies a full colour instruction manual and integrated reference guide section that contains all the exploded views and latest options. Serpent logo decal sheets and set-up sheet are included .
All Manuals are available to download as a PDF in the Download section of this product page.

Concepts: David Ehrbar / Michael Salven / team-drivers
Design: Michael Salven

Team Serpent
Team Serpent will keep you up-to-date on news, racing and set-ups in this site, and through Twitter, Facebook and the webpages.

Enjoy racing Serpent 411 ERYX 3.0 !

  • Brand:
  • Product Type:
    Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm:
  • Class:
    1/10th scale 190mm Electric
  • Purpose:
    190mm Competition touring car
  • Chassis:
    2mm 7075 T6 aluminium, anodised, CNC machined
  • Suspension:
    Front C-Hub suspension system
  • Rear axle:
    Rear gear- differential v2 with composite gears
  • Front axle:
    Front spool with blades
  • Drive system:
    4wd through 2 kevlar reinforced timing belts
  • Shock absorbers:
    Super-Short RCM shock absorbers
  • Wheel base:
    254mm +/- 4mm
  • Track-width front:
    190mm /- 6mm
  • Track-width rear:
    190mm /- 6mm
  • Adjustability:
    Camber, Caster, Down-stops, Up-stops, Toe-in, Track width & Roll centres
  • :
    Full colour instruction manual, reference guide
  • Instructions:
    Motor, battery, speed Controller, tires, body, radio equipment.
10-27-16S411 Eryx 3.0 manual3 MBDownload
07-19-15SAM 411 - topdecks675 KBDownload
07-19-15SAM 411 - chassis657 KBDownload
04-25-14Eryx spring chart115 KBDownload
08-16-11411 gearing-sheet excel65 KBDownload
07-14-14411-3.0 - blank - edit589 KBDownload
04-25-14411-3.0 - default1 MBDownload

Bowie Ginteng joins Team Serpent Asia (09/23/2015)

Bowie Ginting, the toplevel driver from Indonesia is joining Team Serpent Asia.

Bowie is specialized in onroad racing, both EP and GP, with 1/10 TC as premier class, but basically he is good at any class of rc racing, as long as its has 4 wheels !

Bowie will run most races in Indonesia and also help develop the rc market for Serpent. Some international racing in the area will be added too.

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11/18/2011 UK: Jonny Boden wins BRCA Stock with 411

11/15/2011 Sweden: Nillson takes 411 to TQ and win in IndoorNats 2

11/14/2011 Germany: Dortmund Region Champs: Fischer TQ and win with 411

11/11/2011 ETS-1 Germany, report Marc Fischer

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09/29/2011 China: Internation Invitational GP 1/10 onroad

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09/17/2011 Germany Nats TC: Fischer German Champ 2011 with 411

08/23/2011 Fischer race-report EC 2011 1/10 TC

08/13/2011 EC 1/10 TC Austria: Fischer in 8th overall with 411

07/31/2011 Germany; Fischer 1st victory with 411 at German Nats warm-up

07/12/2011 Indonesia: Bowie TQ and wins with Serpent 411 on debut

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