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Mar 28, 2023

New Serpent SRX8GT 23 options are available now

All new Aero Front Bumper.

The faster you go the more down force and aerodynamics matter. At Serpent we understand that as well as anybody. In order to achieve the down force and flow of air we wanted, we constructed an entirely new High airflow front bumper.

This bumper does a fantastic job of channeling the air under that chassis. Not only does it improve air flow, but increases downforce. We were able to achieve higher top speed as well as corner speed with our all new aero bumper.

All New Side Body support and mounting system.

Keeping your body supported at low and high speed is a huge deal. In order for the aerodynamics of any body or body thickness to work, you have to make sure the body never deforms or loses its shape. The sides are generally the first things to start flapping when the air speeds increase. In order to prevent the flapping and deforming effects of air speed, we now have a new mounting system you can use to support, or mount the body to. This all increases your cars ability to go faster, with fewer disturbances in the flow of air you can harness more mph or down force. You could call this the anti-flapper if you want, but once you try it, I don’t think you will ever go back.

Light Weight 4mm chassis with adjustable flex.

When racing in high grip, low grip or no grip at all, flex is a powerful tool. This new chassis has 6 different pockets spread out in the key areas to control the flex, whether the front or the rear and more towards the center. Whether you want more flex at the front to control the steering or more flex at the rear at the rear to control rear end grip, this chassis has you covered.

Another caveat is the chassis is also over 30 grams lighter than the standard kit chassis. With the carbon fiber panels installed, it really looks devilishly sick.

Lightweight Outdrives and Centering Cross Pin.

When lap times matter most as any level racer would agree, consistency lap after lap would be of top priority. Being the first company to introduce this system into 1/8th on road GT we are confident they will not only improve lap time, but life of your differentials. Creating more of a solid axle effect, while still allowing differential action, these all new lightweight outdrives and 1 piece crosspin are a huge improvement in performance. Reducing binding on the internal gears and outdrives, the diff runs smoother longer without any premature damage. These are an absolute game changer for GT enthusiasts.

601280 HTD diff X-shaft alu SRX8

601281 Diff outdrive (2) V2

601282 Diff outdrive center (2) V2