My location: United States
Feb 13, 2020

After running the SRX2 Gen 3 since last December, this was my first race even with the SRX8 Pro.... and the first time I hit the dirt of the Montpellier GP.

Traction wasn't easy, but thanks to the AKA team I was able to improve and get a 16th position in Q2 thanks to perfect track condition ! For my first time in Montpelier I qualified in 1/4th final which is not bad for a rookie in 1/8 Nitro. For the final I change most of my setup in order to be even more competitive. My setup was not aggressive enough in the qualification and I feel I should be quicker with more steering.

Softer oil, stiffer springs and bigger sway bar . It had more speed and was in the same second as top guys, but it might be a bit to hard to drive for my little experience ! Any way, I enjoyed the experience of fighting against top guys like Rayan Lutz !

I have now more experience, thanks to the help of my team mate Thomas Leydier, and the AKA team ! I also take this opportunity to thanks Franck Caizerge and the whole MBM staff for the amazing job and their welcome !

Valentin Peuziat
Team Serpent