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SINCE 1980

Serpent Model Racing Cars is one the leading manufacturers of RC radio controlled model-cars for competition purposes.

Serpent has been around from the very start of the RC racing hobby, with over 40 years of racing experience with many national and international victories, including World titles.

The company was officially founded in 1980 by Pieter Bervoets and companion Ron Ton and started in 1/8 scale gas powered on road racing, but has developed into other segments of the RC market step by step.

Serpent is known for its high involvement in the RC racing market, cooperating with IFMAR and other international and national federations. Sponsorship of main events has always been at the core of our marketing, to help organizers create memorable events.

Serpent is a highly innovative company since the very beginning. Innovating or early adopting full suspension cars, real shock absorbers, 2-speed gearboxes, 4-wheel-drive systems, the now famous Centax (centrifugal-axial) clutch, the INS-Box and many things more. Serpent invented the 235mm class and later on initiated racing 200mm 1/10 scale cars.

Serpent serves a worldwide market of RC racers through a dense network of highly experienced distributors and RC shops. The design and marketing office is based in Holland, close to the famous Heemstede racing (and test) track. The expert-factory and central warehouse are based in China. Serpent operates central warehouses in Germany, Hongkong and USA to take care of the respective regions.

Serpents design team consisting of Michael Salven (multiple world and European Champion), and Billy Easton (World en multiple US champion) uses state-of-the-art 3D design software (Pro-Engineer and Solid Works). The famous Heemstede race track is very close by and offers a superb location for most of the test-work. Many times the test-team travels to other tracks or even abroad to do final testing under many different circumstances. Serpent team-drivers are also involved in test and development work.

It's Serpent's goal to create products, which offer a truly great racing experience. Innovative, quality, ease of use and maintenance, product-support and services are key elements in our product and marketing approach and we are famous for that. To follow the market closely Serpent designers are racers themselves, we support a strong race-team (for results and support) , we organize Serpent Nitro Tours, Serpent Series and race clinics and support a young drivers program (Serpent Driver Development - SDD). With the information we gather from those activities and our active role in the market, we develop new products and product lines.

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