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Wishbone FR Lw V2 XH (2) (SER401623)
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Wishbone FR Lw V2 XH (2) (SER401623)

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Wishbone RR Lw V2 XH (2)
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401623 Wishbone FR Lw V2 X-hard (2)
401624 Wishbone RR Lw V2 X-hard (2)

For the Serpent ERYX 411 series of cars we introduce these new eXtra Hard composite arms, front and rear. XH type.

This new super- hard material shows better performance, are easy to mount and very durable too.

The new XH arms have great performance on high grip asphalt tracks and carpet and with higher outside temperatures. The new arms are tested by Serpent teamdrivers for longer time and were first used in races at the Worlds in USA.

Fits all Eryx 411 cars from version 1 to 3.

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ERYX 411 wishbones v2 Hard (03/06/2014)

For Serpent 411 Eryx and previous versions Serpent offers these optional wishbones front and rear.

The v2 version arms are made in a new type of composite, light, hard and durable.

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