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Serpent Spyder SRX4 Gen3 is shipping!!! (04/16/2021)

Finally the wait is over, the Serpent Spyder SRX4 Gen3 is shipping!!!!

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Serpent team driver Stick King with his Serpent X20 Fwd (04/16/2021)

The 1/10 FWD race was held at TRC HK last weekend. The race was postponed twice due to pandemic but it didn’t affect the racers’ enthusiasm and there were over 100 participants took part in the race.

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Serpent Spyder SRX4 Gen3 is ready!! (03/01/2021)

10 years ago, we started the journey into the development of a belt driven 1:10 4wd offroad car, with the intent to revolutionize the market. The original SRX-4 was born, although it was a good car, it had its short comings. Since that time we have continued to develop, test, design and re-designed it behind the scenes in our secret lab. It had to be easier than any car of its kind to work on, handle with precision and ease, be maintenance friendly, and share more parts across the 1:10 categories we compete in. Aside from those targeted positives it also needed to be better than any 4wd car in performance we have created to date. Foresight was key factor, when the SRX-2 Gen3 was being born, we already had a good understanding how to craft together from its DNA the ultimate 4wd version. The two cars had to be worked on in tandem to make sure it was possible to reach the goals we had set forth. The SRX-4 Gen 3 shares over 50% of its SRX-2 Gen3 relative, an accomplishment we are quite proud of. This was really important as we didn’t want customers to have to purchase a significant amount of new parts just to operate two cars. Lowering operational costs is always a positive thing, and there is no doubt we have managed to achieve this goal. The SRX-4 Gen3 is a belt driven masterpiece, when evolution becomes the revolution.

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Team Serpent wishes everybody a Happy Chinese New Year! (02/10/2021)

Happy Chinese New Year!
Wish you all the best in the year of the OX!!

Our Hong Kong office wil be closed from 12-2-2021 till 15-2-2021.

Team Serpent.

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Serpent Viper 989E is now available! (01/09/2021)

Serpent Viper 989E is now available!
The Serpent 989E Viper is the latest Electric version of the 989.
Electric racing has developed big time, the possible power is huge. Especially in the popular dragster class in the US the power going through the transmission is extreme. The 989E is designed to take care of that power and put it down as effective as possible.
The 989E is based on the ultra-successful 989 gas racer and shares it’s suspension, shocks and quite a lot of other features like the chassis plate or the driveshafts

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