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Serpent Medius X20FWD \'21 carbon is shipping!! (06/25/2021)

X20FWD ’21 improves on the very successful X20FWD touring car.
The chassis is based on the popular mid motor design, using a light weight and strong 1-piece motor mount concept, without any interference between the front and rear chassis flex while still allowing center flex adjustability. The advantage for this style of design is to allow maximum flex capabilities without impacting the drivetrain, meaning smoother power delivery, more consistency and less chance of stripping spurs. And it uses the all new dual ball bearing DJC shafts and our new Steering hub allows adjustment of Axle height, offset and Roll center.

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Alessio Mazzeo wins 1/10 AMCI Italian Championship!!! (06/09/2021)

" The race was in my home track "Naxos world track", just one shot race to become national champion. A bit disappointed because a lot good italians drivers could't come for the COVID situation.

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Jose Almonte joins Serpent factory team!!! (05/31/2021)

We are delighted to announce the joining of Jose Almonte to the Serpent Team!
Using the Serpent products for many years, Jose is already very familiar with all aspects of the Serpent range allowing him to help current and future racers.
Jose brings a wealth of knowledge to the table specialising in GT and EP racing, he had the following to say.
“I am extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to represent Serpent. My journey started over 10 years ago and through hard work and the support of many individuals my dream of representing Serpent has finally been achieved.
I want to send a special thanks to my friend and mentor Joaquin Desoto, his passion for RC is contagious. Everyone knows that I am extremely approachable and thrive on helping everyone I can. Now lets go Racing!”

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Serpent Spyder SRX4 Gen3 is shipping!!! (04/16/2021)

Finally the wait is over, the Serpent Spyder SRX4 Gen3 is shipping!!!!

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Serpent team driver Stick King with his Serpent X20 Fwd (04/16/2021)

The 1/10 FWD race was held at TRC HK last weekend. The race was postponed twice due to pandemic but it didn’t affect the racers’ enthusiasm and there were over 100 participants took part in the race.

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