My location: United States
Sep 28, 2000

FEMCA, at the third attempt, was now up and running successfully and hosted its first W.C. event, the 1/8th track event in Tokyo. Mike Reedy, in his position as Vice-President of IFMAR, acted as Race Director and says he lost count of the number of approval dockets he signed during the race. Suffice it to say that it was a well-run race enjoyed by everyone who was lucky to be there.

World Championships continued, alternating each year. Bi-Annual General Meetings came and went, more countries joined. At the 1987 1/8th Race in Holland, EFRA pushed for a fourth non-voting to be formed, comprising countries outside the geographical areas of the existing blocs.In 1986, the first 1/8th i.c. Off-road W.C. was held in France and in 1992, at Ranch Pit Shop, California, the first 1/10th Electric Circuit W.C. was organised.There are now five different IFMAR W.C.'s (soon to be six with 1/10th i.c.) and Ted's original ideas, some of them incorporated in the first paragraphs of the Constitution, have been realised. The first clause, even to-day, is that IFMAR exists to promote international friendship. The other prime reason stated at the formation that there should only every be one recognised World Champion of any particular class, has also been achieved. Without IFMAR, R/C car racing could have ended up like boxing with a myriad of titles, none of them recognised by everyone. As it is to-day, an IFMAR World Championship is truly just that.In 1995, at the Bi-AGM held at the 1/8th W.C. in Phuket, Thailand, Ted stepped down, was appointed Hon. Life President and handed over to the new President, John Grant and Marian Grant was appointed Secretary/Treasurer.

IFMAR to-day is a professional organisation, using volunteers who give their time but do receive something towards their expenses.

It has its own legal adviser and the Hon. Life President is also available, if needed , at any time.

A total of 42 countries worldwide are members through their various blocs.

There are two Sections within IFMAR - one for i.c. classes and one for electric classes.

Rules are formulated.

Dates, venues and driver allocations are all agreed for W.C. events.

The chief Referee is now appointed by IFMAR and Race Directors, Official Time-Keepers, etc. etc. are all approved before they are appointed to ensure smooth running of the events.

All in all, from very humble beginnings, IFMAR has grown up into an organisation firmly guiding the sport into the future.