My location: United States
Sep 7, 2000

Welcome to the webmasters home page. As the ‘regional’ webmaster I am responsible for the well running of the TSN-community in Hong Kong.

That starts with approving your membership applications. I will approve all membership applications as long as the person is who he says he is. Verifying this may take some time though, hope you understand.

We believe that it is in the interest of the whole TSN community that we deal with real people. You must be reasonably sure that when you read a publication or a forum entry that the author is a real person.

I will also be approving applications for those who would like to become a TSN columnist, or who want to put his club or track on TSN and become part of the world’s biggest RC racing database.

Furthermore I am in charge of supervising the activities and publications. Keep it descent and clean, everybody will be happy and it will make my job easy and enjoyable too.

As in the real world I cannot oversee everything and I will rely on your input if you feel certain content is not appropriate to be placed on TSN. Simply let me know by the internal TSN messaging system. Of course I also like to receive your positive input regarding this site and the TSN community.

Let’s build on the TSN community together and make this the best and most interesting place to spend your Internet time.

Your Webmaster