My location: United States
Aug 22, 2000

I started back in 1972, actually my first car (and only car) I bought was a Kyosho 1/8 scale car. I modified this car till there was nothing left, and then started building my own chassis, with which I was quite successful. The main competitors in these days were SG from Italy (Franco Sabatini c.s.), PB from England (Keith Plested), and Associated and Delta from the USA.

European Champion Formula 1979 (Neurenberg, Germany)
European Champion Sportscars 1980 (Gotenborg, Sweden)
European Champion Formula 1981 (Vienna, Austria)
IFMAR World Championship finalist in 1981, 1983 and 1985.

I stopped racing rc cars in 1987 at the IFMAR Worlds at Pomona, USA. Since I have competed occassionaly in the 40+ European championships, my very last race was in 1997.

My other hobbies are tennis and golf (especially playing Ted Longshaw), and real size car racing. I started racing school end of 1997 and competed in the Donkervoort Cup in 1998 (3rd) and 1999 (1st). In the 2000 championship I am currently split second with 3 races to go.

The Donkervoort D-8C is a car based on the famous Lotus 7 concept, but developed to the maximum. The space-frame car weighs just 650 kg and is powered by a 2.0 L Ford Cosworth turbo engine, pumping out approx. 240 hp and 320 Nm torque. Enough to catapult me under 4 seconds to 100 km/h. And the car is street legal too! Lots of fun. In 2000 I have competed in the 24H race at the Nurburgring in Germany, finishing 99th of 210 cars, but spending over 4 hours total in the pit. We qualified 20st place, with just Vipers and Porsches and some works BMW's ahead of us.