My location: United States
Mar 28, 2023

We received a nice report from Kenrick Fong about the Guangdong RC Championship, which took place on 26/3. I competed in the mod class on a temporary indoor carpet track.

The race started off strangely, as there was no free practice before the qualifying rounds began. Despite this, our X20 ‘23 performed exceptionally well and I was able to take the TQ spot. During the finals, I finished in second place (there was only one final, and accidents can happen).

Another X20 20 ‘23 (Stick King) started in second place but unfortunately crashed while leading. Overall, Team Serpent China had a successful day with Moon Zhou finishing in third place, Mark Mak in sixth, and Benny Tam in seventh place. We were proud to represent the most popular chassis in the top 10. Even more, we took the champion in mod class group ranking.

Kenrick Fong
Team Serpent