My location: United States
Jun 9, 2021

" The race was in my home track "Naxos world track", just one shot race to become national champion. A bit disappointed because a lot good italians drivers could't come for the COVID situation.

The 80% of the cars was Serpent, every car worked realy good. I have used my standard setup and the car was super good in every condition. In the final, thanks the good balance of the car the tyre consumption was low, this allowed us to have a winning strategy.

Serpent gots, Tq, best lap and victory. In the final there were nice fight between me and other Serpent drivers like Occhipinti, Giaimo, Musolino. Thats also the arrival order.

Setup can be found here:

Till next time!!!

Alessio Mazzeo
Team Serpent.