My location: United States
Sep 11, 2019

Leading into the 7th (and final) round of the Danish nationals things were looking good in nitro truggy and buggy. In both classes we had the opportunity to claim the titles but things really needed to go our way as the 6th round was cancelled due to bad weather.


Unfortunately we had some bad weather leading up to the race and it was decided at the drivers meeting to cancel E-buggy and nitro truggy because of the conditions, the track was simply too wet to get a good raceday. However the weather looked promising and that would give the track a change to dry up for Sundays nitro buggy race.

A solid performance trough out the year (podium finish in all the races)placed Nikolai Lamberts (Serpent S811T – Novarossi) in the top spot claiming his first national title.


Conditions was very good and race was on, Nikolai was “only” 4 points behind the overall leader (Daniel) heading in to 1 round of practice followed by 4 rounds of qualifying.

Q1 was tight with the top 4 finishing only 1.7seconds a part, only clean run was Mikkel who claimed TQ for now, number 2 (Peter) number 3 (Nikolai) and number 4 (Daniel) all made small mistakes.

Q2 Mikkel had the same pace as Q1 but Daniel, Nikolai and Peter all drove a clean race and left Mikkel behind. Daniel TQ Nikolai 2nd and Peter 3rd, again only 1.6seconds between 1 and 3, this was shaping into a 3 man race.

Q3 Pace is going down, only clean run was Peter who claimed TQ for round 3, Nikolai had a small mistake finishing 2nd 3seconds behind and Daniel 3rd 1 lap off. Things were looking good, 3 rounds all top 3, with 3 different TQ´s, could Nikolai claim overall TQ in the last run.

Q4 A costly mistake on lap 2 kept Nikolai away from the top spot in the last round, only clean run was Daniel securing the TQ and 1 extra point the overall standings, this looked more than difficult to claim the title at the end of the day. Nikolai again 2nd and Peter 3rd.

In the semis we had 4 SRX8Evo drivers, In Semi B Nicolaj sadly had some technical issues with a driveshaft and had to retire. Semi A was a tight battle all 20 minutes, Nikolai and Daniel was having an epic battle riding only few meters apart the entire race pushing each other to the limit. At the end Daniel came out on top with Nikolai 2nd, Jan (SRX8Evo) 4th and Julie (SRX8Evo) 6th just outside the bump to the final.

Time for the 45min final, title was still possible but very difficult. Daniel lead the pack with Nikolai 2nd og Peter 3rd. Great head to head racing for 10 laps as Nikolai went in for the first stop, Peter and Daniel followed on lap 11 making it a tight race again, this went on until lap 43 were finally the luck was beginning to look our way, Daniel had a flameout, he might have been running out of fuel as Peter and Nikolai had just refueled. Just about 20 laps to go, Daniel was back on track but cost him a lot of time, however he managed to keep it together and finish overall 3rd. Peter and Nikolai was giving it all but at the end Peter claimed victory for the day with Nikolai 20seconds behind in 2nd place. Jan coming in 5th made it a solid day for the team and for the Serpent/Novarossi combo J

What a great year, In truggy we claimed to overall title and rookie Julie claimed overall 4th place. We are looking forward to next season that’s for sure. In buggy we managed 2nd overall, that’s a great result in itself but we had a total of 7 SRX8Evo´s running in the 2019 championship, that’s a record. Finishing at 2, 6, 11, 12, 19, 29 and 32 for the season. Next year will hopefully be even better as 2 new faces is joining the team. We will finish the season by going to Italy and participate in the Winter cup in Padova. We hope to see some of our international Serpent family there J

Dan Hansen
Vinderup RC