My location: United States
Jul 1, 2019

Having had two practice days before the race, where the car had a very good balance I felt well prepared for the ETS.

From the first practice runs the car felt very good and was fast. So I could focus on getting my driving right. I did not even need to make a single setup change during the race.

Compared to other cars, my F110 SF4 had good steering and was still stable in the rear and I could carry more cornerspeed through the fast turns.

Qualifying went well, after 3 runs, there were 3 different drivers with a TQ run, of these my run was the fastest. So it was already clear that I would start at least from the second place.

Unfortunately my last qualifying run was not perfect, so I would start 2nd.

I had a good start in the first final, but I could not pass. So the top 5 finished as started, in close order.

I had a good start in the second final again but after I had to brake to avoid a collision with Simon Lauter who started first, Jitse Miedema could get very close and overtake me as he took a tighter line at the end of the front straight. The rest of the run I had to defend against Jan Ratheisky, but having been passed by Jitse, I knew I had to take the tight line everytime when he is close. That cost a lot of time, but a crash between Jitse and Simon meant after half the race, I was defending the first spot now, and after several attempts by Jan, I could hold the position.

Being the only driver with a first and second place, I was in a good situation for the win.

The third final was spectacular. Five cars following each other closely, several position changes, but not a single crash. The third spot in this run was enough for me to win the race.

The last race will be in the Hudy Arena. This race will decide the Championship.

Till next time
David Ehrbar

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