My location: United States
Jun 24, 2019

Round 4 of the BRCA 10th IC series was at the Colchester raceway , the club members had worked very hard to prepare the track including spraying the track for better grip and have everything all clean and well laid out.
The weather was really nice and there was a lot of fun in the pitting area and everyone had a lot of track time to set their cars up.
I decided on Sunday morning that i would race both classes so it was going to be a very busy day but with the help of my pitman Chris and other drivers to help me with the marshalling i was able to get racing.
After 4 rounds off qualifying i was able to take TQ in both 200mm and 220mmGT.
The first final 30mins was 200mm TC and after a great battle with Joe Kerry for 20mins until he ran out off tyres while my car still had rubber to spare i was able to take the win.
The 220GT car was really working great and i was able to also take the win.
So a great weekend with 2x TQ and 2x Wins!

A big thank you to Chris and Serpent Uk and to the Colchester club.

Till next time
Mark Green
Team Serpent