My location: United States
Jun 17, 2019

I qualified 3rd with a win and a 2nd place in qualifying. The first final started well. I had a clean race until about half of the race when I flipped over the curb at the timing loop. Fortunately, I came back on four wheels just at the edge of the asphalt and just in front of Jaques Libar, so I could keep my position but now I had a car derectly behind me. Because of a mistake by Jan Ratheisky, I could take the second spot. But two laps before the end I had a hit from behind, costing me the second spot.

In the he second final I had a bad first lap, but later I could close the gap to the leaders as they lost some time fighting. But I could not try a pass.

The third final was my best performance. It was a clean and fast run, I could closely follow the leaders, and in the end, it was rewarded by a small mistake by Luke Lee in the last lap.

The overall result was a 3rd place. This shows again that the F110 SF4 can compete at the highest level and we are looking forward to the upcoming races.

Till next time

David Ehrbar
Team Serpent