My location: United States
May 31, 2019

On Wednesday evening everything was ready with a new 2 liter run-in Forfast XRD engine, this one just starting and everything was okay.
We arrived early on Thursday. During the first free practice the engine was started, but it refused to start and blocked every time.
After a few attempts we put another engine in the car and drove. The lap times were better than expected and it didn't look bad.
At the first qualification it went wrong already, when I overtook I left the track and given the lap times were very close to each other, it lost 10 points in the ranking.
The same thing happened with the second qualification.

The car was difficult to steer and thought we had made a mistake by training with our own tires and the hand-out tires gave different gripp. But this was not correct because in the third qualif. it went extremely well with a new set of tires and we turned 19 r. in 4.08 and we found that the first set of tires was not good and therefore the car was unmanageable.
With everything on everything in the fourth qualif, it did not help and the engine failed at the end (worn out) and we finished in the C final. This was a bit of a disappointment because with round times of 12.8 a B final would have been more correct.

On Sunday another engine on, adjustment in hand, a little before the final on the slope at the warm-up and a start was made. At the start I had to allocate a few places and started a remonte until I was in fourth place with a small lap behind coming from the tire change on the right. This went fairly quickly. We also had to add an extra tank turn since we did not make it 5 minutes. After the last refueling I was hit by a car and the left rear wheel was broken, causing the car to break out in the right-hand corners.
End of story with fourth place in the C final. After comparing with the B final, this time would have been a 5th place in the B.
But we have had a nice and good WE.

On to the next round BK roeselare at the end of June.

Till next time,
Team Serpent