My location: United States
May 27, 2019

Round 2 of the MSC cup in SMK Trolhättan done and dusted!

We took all 3 rounds of the qualifications. Car was great but little unstable, we changed anti-roll bars and the car felt more stable and I could there for push more at the turns. Won the semi and was half a second faster than the lap record.

Starting first in the A main, I did a misstake at the first lap and dropped to 2nd. A few laps later I overtook the leader and just settled myself down in a rythm. My pace was like no other, winning by 2 laps and sat the lap record by another 7 tenths!!

eel like we improved A LOT on the car this weekend, the feeling of driving the car was so incredible!!

Till next time
Pontus Larsson
Team Serpent

Setup can be found here:

Setup can be found here: