My location: United States
Apr 24, 2019

The ASOGER track is one I have struggled a lot last year. The weather forcast was not good for this race. Anyways, I felt prepared. The design of the F110 SF4 should suit this track a lot better than the SF3.

I brought 2 cars, one for rather high grip with inline lipo configuration and one with lipo cross configuration for low grip.
From last year I knew that in the cold wather the grip would be very low, and it would be crucial to keep temperature in the rear tires.
I ended up using the lipo cross car most of the race as it never got really warm.

Thursday there was a good practice day, while the whole friday and half of saturday got washed out. Anyways my car was good for qualifying. I was just a bit too careful, as I knew it would probably only be 2 runs as a maximum.
In the first qualifying I was a bit too careful at the beginning, as I did not want to throw it away. Still I was only 0.1s down on the fastest lap and 3s down on 5 minutes on a TQ run, sittin gin 6th place.

In the 2nd qualifying the traction was really low. I wanted to go full risk. Unfortunately I spun already at the start, as the grip was very low, loosing around 4 seconds. Without that it would have been an easy TQ round. But still it was a solid 3rd place. Meaning I would start from 5.

In the first final the grip was again very low. I pushed hard, and courd finish in 2nd place.
In the second final I gambled and saved the tires for the last run. Meaning I struggled a lot, especially at the beginning, when most cars had more grip.

In the 3rd final, I could again easily improve a few spots, finishing 3rd.

Overall the performance of the car was good. In the cold low grip conditions I was one of the fastest. This shows the great improvement of the SF4 for low grip conditions. And still in the higher grip (like in Q1) the performance of the car was good.

I look forward now to the next ETS round in Austria.

Till next time
David Ehrbar
Team Serpent

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