My location: United States
Nov 5, 2018

We arrived at the Homestead track to find that everything was well sorted and laid out ready for all the racers to hit the track for practice the club had done a good job to prepare the track and pitting area . For 10th this track is probably to big but the little engines all seemed up to the job of making a LOT of rpm its always amazing how good these little engines are. I picked up my control tyres and with our new serpent s750 having never turned a wheel before the worlds we got straight down to testing , As with any new car we knew it would be hard to find a good set up as you have to take in to account the track is also evolving as the cars run so you quite often have to go back and re-test the same settings to make sure your not following the track changing and you know what the car settings are doing . My MAX engines are running great and 5mins runtime was not going to be a problem at all I think I might be able to get around 6mins , for qualifying this don’t matter but for the finals it would help .

After all the practice we was still having a hard time to get the car to stay balanced through the whole run , We tried so much but still could not get a consistent balance from the car as always half way through a run we would get off throttle mid corner oversteer, Of course we could stop this happening but to stop it and keep a good lap time was not working . After a while we just said its not possible to change so much and not find a balance , We took a step back and found that the control tyres was very hard ( too hard ) and had a big shore hardness split between front and rear and it was this along with the track changing that we found was the problem , So it was time to start to think outside the box to find a set up .

All through qualifying we kept changing the car to find a balance and good laps times , towards the end we finally got a car that was working but a little late to improve my position but still I was looking forward to the finals and some close racing .

Final .
The car felt good in the warm up and from 3rd on the grid I was happy that I would be able to fight for the win and a bump up spot . The start didn’t quite go to plan as I got hit and fell to last place so now had to fight my way back which I did quite quickly as the car now working nice made it easier to pass cars , I then had another hit which I was upset with as it was a very bad move by the other driver and again I drop to last, So again I start my fight back and with the help of my MAX Power engine and being able to run 5mins this got me on to the back of 3rd place and fight for the last bump up spot and with only 2 mins to run I had great battle but I had to make my move as the clock waits for nobody , it didn’t pay off and i missed the bump up so it was my race over . It was a disappointment not to bump up but i was happy in the end with the car and the close battle racing in the final .
I would like to thank all my sponsor’s for their support and team mates and Serpent America for the help over the week and also Stef for the pitting . Also a great result for UK diver Kyle Branson well done.


The setup can be found here: