My location: United States
Aug 13, 2018

This weekend there was in Genk the last race for the Belgian championship.

There were still five title candidates under which two failed and Robin Dhont (Capricorn), Yves Zoma (new Mugen R) and Gunther Van Staey (Serpent) remained.
After some calculation with brackish results Robin could win and Gunther had to finish with the four first. With Yves, it was closer and had to end just behind him.
On Saturday it was a difficult training because there was a lot of dust on the circuit. The five-minute exit was not a problem at the time, as no fast lap times were made.
At the end of the day we could equal the times of the Dutch Championships of the week.
Our only problem was finding a reliable engine for Sunday. For the qualifications we had found a good picco, but not reliable for the final. For this our choice went to an XRD from Forfast.
On Sunday, Robin soon noticed that he was in the TQ and we were satisfied with a second time followed by Yves.
After the start of the final, Robin quickly took the lead and the battle between Yves and Gunther came second. After some time the engine of Gunther came to be a little too rich, but aside from Robin's, the lead over Yves could be kept and the second place would be in the pit with refueling and tire change.
Thanks to a good calculation of refueling and only half a tire change, we were able to keep our lead in the end and Gunther became second and BELGIAN CHAMPION.

Our next race is the German final in Ettlingen.

Till next race Gunther.