My location: United States
Jul 11, 2018

Quarter finals of the World Cup, Wimbledon Tennis at its best, F1 weekend at Silverstone, hot hot July as far as I can remember and we are at the fabulous TORCH club for a double header weekend of BRCA 2wd and 4wd regional racing.

It has to be said 4wd on the Saturday was not well attended but still very competitive at the sharp end.
Managed 2nd and was really happy with my SDX4.

Went to the pub with the lads and watched England take apart Sweden (sorry my friends) to get in the semis of the world cup. WOW!!
2wd was much more competitive on the Sunday with some extremely talented drivers at the sharp end. Qualified 4th with some superfast times and was very happy with that. Finals didn’t go my way at all and finished 7th with a 3rd in one of the legs. I admit I didn't do my 2wd justice as it was much better than that. In fact it was super good.

Very happy for my friend and Teammate Jamie Armie, as he also made the main in a very competitive field.
I might as well leave these lines in all my reports because laughs and good time always available with Team Serpent.

Thank you to the club officials for a great weekends racing
Couldn’t be done without the support of all my sponsors, Serpent, MuchMore, RudeBits, Racer, TMG, Sanwa, ArrowMax and all my friends and race Team

Best Regards
Tony Evdoka