My location: United States
Jul 12, 2018

The last ENS in Aigen is in the books. Again bad luck for me in the final. Practise on Thursday started well and from the beginning it was very close on the top. The traction was super low at the beginning but became better and better. The forecast sayed rain for the whole Friday but we were able to finish the free practise until it rained. I was top seed for the qualification and could win also the first two rounds. In the third round I did a small mistake and touched the curb to much and rolled over. The fourth round was super close and I finished second 0,050 seconds behind Dankel. So in the end I was TQ.

The final practise was really good and I was happy with the setup and the runetime of my Novarossi powered Serpent Natrix 748 Wc. In the final I could pull away together with Eric Dankel from the rest of the field. My plan was refueling by 5,40 but only when other drivers will do the same. So we checked out the first round of pitstops and everyone refueled by 5 minutes. So i came in at 5.30 at that means also a empty pitlane for me for the rest of the race. After the second pitstops Eric had small crashes with other cars and after 25 minutes I had a cap from over 10 seconds. We changed all tires after 25 minutes and it was again a perfect tire change from the best crew Thomas Günsel and Merlin Depta. But unfortunetly one lap after my tire change my engine flamed out under full throttle on the straigt. Exactly the same problem like in the first ENS in Rucphen. We restart the engine and again flame out under full throttle out of the pitlane.

Again restart the engine and everything was fine until the end. I lost arround 3 laps in the pits and pushed very hard but in the end I finished 4th, 1 lap behind the winner. We had again a lot of fun on and of the track with the team and friends. The team from MAV-Aigen did an very good job over the whole weekend. Next race will be the 1:8 european championship in Cassino/Italy. See u on the track.

Till next time
Dominic Greiner

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