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Jun 14, 2018

Swedish national round 1 of 3.
You can se pichures and story on Pontus RC Larsson FB. fre to share.
This was a new track for us, with long laptimes and many big jums.
High speed, difficult and US style track.
Practice went well, I was learning the track and I liked it.
So in qualification we made som changes. We went down in diffoils from 15/15/7
to 7/7/5 and that made the car much faster and easyer to drive, laptimes were going down
and consistenty up.

We had some problems with landings after some big jumps so we decided to change shocks
from 6 hole to 8x1,3 and springs purpleV3 in front and pinkV3 in rear. This was great.
Last final adjustment was moving the rear shock on arm to the outer hole, now the car was
I was 3:rd in q round 5. Finnished 7 overall.
Firs we drove the juniorfinal and I finnished 3:rd behind Hampus and Jessica.
This was very good practice for the upcoming finals on Sunday.

Starting as number 4 in semi and finnished 2:nd, speed and consistency was good.
Car number 4 in the main 45 minutes long final. In the final it was close between 3:rd and 5:th
car. I had one flameout in the pit and lost 6 s. Finnished 5:th overall. Great I am happy.

Thanks to my sponsor
Serpent and NettoRC

Regards Pontus and Jonas Larsson

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