My location: United States
Sep 19, 2012

Recently David Hassel from Sweden joined team Serpent . David is a very skilled and talented young driver, who can race both onroad and offroad very well, but his main interest is for 1/8 offroad racing and winning !

Coming from Kyosho before, he races Serpent Cobra GP buggy since late august . His 1st race appearance with Cobra Buggy at the Nordics in Norway went really well, winning the semi-final and finished 7th overall, with speed good enough to be on the podium. 2 weeks ago he joined the Swedish Cup for 1/10 gas onroad and finished 3rd with a borrowed 733. Winter will be good for running indoor 1/8 and 1/10 offroad and also some indoor carpet racing with 411 is planned.

As soon as Serpents next bigger project the 2wd 1/10 buggy will be ready, he will test and race that as well.

For Serpent its great to work with these young, talented drivers to work towards the future !

Below a short interview with David.


Q; When did you start with rc car racing and with which car ?
A; I started 2008 with a AE 1:10 2wd. At 2010, I started with the 1:8.

Q; What is your best rc car race result so far ?
A; I was the second best junior in 1:8 buggy Euro A 2012.

Q; Which classes do you run, with which cars.
A; 1:8 Buggy Serpent, 1:10 NT Serpent, 1:10 2WD TLR22, 1:10 4WD Kyosho.

Q; and which class do you like best ?
A; 1:8 buggy.

Q; Do you mainly race or also work on the cars ?
A; I mainly drive the cars and my dad is mechanic in 1:8, in 1:10 buggy, I
work more with the car.

Q; Wich rc cars driver do you see as your main example to learn from ?
A; Billy Easton, Jorn Neumann ,Elliot Boots

Q: and wich 1/1 race car driver do you admire most ?
A; Different drivers such as Mattias Ekström, Jeff Gordon, Jenson Button.

Q; What do you do in normal life ?
A; I just started first grade in high school at technical education.

Q: Wich races do you plan for rest of 2012
A; The Dirt Nitro Challenge, Padova

Q; and wich races for 2013 ?
A; 1:8 buggy: Swedish nats and cup. Neobuggy, EM B, EM A.
1:10 Nitro: Swedish nats, EM B and maybe EM A and DHI Cup.

Q; Which cars, engine , tyres and radio do you use now ?
A; Serpent, Novarossi, AKA, KO.

Good luck at the next races !!

Team Serpent