My location: United States
May 20, 2012

An excellent result for the 1st big race in USA with Serpent 747.

Kimbrow qualified 2nd and Morganti 4th. Swauger TQ-ed the race.

In the final Kimbrow took victory with Morganti in 3rd, putting 2x 747 on the podium.

Report and set-up to follow.

Team Serpent America

Kimbrow was also 2nd with 966-TE in 1/8 qualifying. In the final with 6 minutes to go a radio-glitch destroyed his car at the end of the straigth.

Kimbrow reports:
Unfortunately, this is whats left of my body after a radio problem in the 1/8 final. Car went through the backstraight wall at full throttle. Was shaping up to be a great finish..... Swauger was 5 seconds ahead of me with 6 minutes to go. He had 2 pit stops left to the finish and i only had one.......

The wood goes all the way down the inside on the body and then comes back out the rear side fin!!!!