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Apr 23, 2012

Opening ceremony on Wednesday was small ... because we just have few countries!
French 11 driver, Italy 2 driver, Hungary 1 driver, Germany 2 driver, Swiss 5 driver, Russia 3 driver and monaco 6 driver. Now we are here with 30 drivers !

Track was super fast!! Best lap time from French driver 15,7

Thursday: track super slow !!! Because EFRA and FMM decide to prepare the track with some fluid ! Now we start set-up from zero.

Best lap time until 11 o clock was 16,7 so we are one second slower then yesterday! We have also again a lot of wind, and it's difficult to race.

At the last hour some drivers were faster, but most guys are locals, so best lap time 15,9
Fastest driver was today Bourillon Frederic, French.

It is very hard to drive 5 fastest laps, because nearly 15 drivers racing same time.

After the lunch at 2 o clock we start with controlled practice in groups. And tomorrow on Friday we have 6 qualifications.

Until then,
Best greetings from monaco

First day of practice in monaco - Montecarlo

First day was not quite good !! We test some set ups on the s733 and hot race tyres! The lap times are today between 16,0 - 16,5 for the fastest drivers.

Tuesday we will practice again :-) the track will open at 9 o clock.

Let's hope that it will be dry because forecast says little rain. Today it was sunny but unfortunately very windy in the afternoon!

Klaus Lechner likes the track layout it's the first time that he drove there and he is happy with the first day...

Ciao ciao Sabrina