My location: United States
Apr 11, 2012


The Weekend of March 24-25 I travel to Puerto Rico to participate in the Gt Worlds.

This event has being run already for a few years in different venues in the American hemisphere. The event is attracting more and more
participants every year since this class is getting popular. Since Serpent is about to come out with the Cobra GT, was obvious that we needed
to go to showcase the new car and hopefully have a good result.

I arrived on the track on Friday with a setup similar of what I use in the Pacific Cup. My car was very good from the beginning ease to drive. I work
on the roll centers and suspension to get more speed out of the car with really good results. This platform is solid and very easy to work on. The car
respond really well to the adjustments. The tires, as in every form of motorsports, very important. I choose to use Alpha Tires, in my opinion are the best ones

So after a few rounds of qualification on Friday, I was on TQ with a pretty good margin from the other guys. On Saturday I spend time checking my car and helping
Joaquin Desoto and Rino Lino. Their cars also were really good so it was actually looking really good for the Sunday race.

Sunday came and was time for my one hour main final. At the start of the race I took the lead but my car at the beginning was balanced but lacking overall grip. This happen because I choose for the final tires with harder compound compared to what I use the previous days, so it took a few laps for the tires to come in. Everything was going as planned and by the fist stop I had a good cushion until the my engine stall when refueling my car. Unfortunately it took a long time to re-start my engine so I came back almost 4 laps down from the leader and my tires again cold. From that point I really push the car to the max, to the point that even with harder tires I lower my lap times from the TQ run in qualification and at the end of the vent I was able to win by a couple of laps.

I was really happy because it is always a great feeling to win a race and of course I was also very proud for the performance of the brand new Cobra GT.

I will like to thanks my sponsors for all their support: Serpent, Desoto Racing, Novarossi World, Alpha Tires, Blitz, Team Titan, Enneti, Ko Propo, Byron Fuels, Avid

My next Race with the Gt will be the RC Pro Series National Championship in Texas.

Until next time

Paolo Morganti