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Mar 18, 2012

Majuran with 411 wins the German Nats Hobby.

After qualifying 2nd behind TQ man Kremer.

In the finals Majuran was able to take the win in the 1st heat, the 2nd one left to Kreder, but was able to take the win in the 3rd final and the overall win. Congratulations.

Thorsten Schmitz, Ingo Herschbach and Nico Hoppe also made in into the Amain, making it 5 Serpent 411 in the main.

His set-up here:

Marc Fischer qualified 8th in the mod class, and couldt get the car to work as well as he would like. In the finals the 411 was working better as well, making it into the top-6 in the end.

Merlin Depta ran the 411 in the Sport class, and finished in 9th spot.

Team Serpent is growing fast in the German electric onroad scene.

The last bigger indoor race is the LRP Masters in Eppelheim end march, and then its back outdoors again.

Team Serpent Germany