My location: United States
Mar 11, 2012

Pro buggy was a four-way race between Billy Easton, Reno Savoya, Adam Drake, and Jeremy Kortz with nobody else ever in serious contention.

Early on, Easton broke away and left Reno, Drake, and Kortz to fight for second. In the end, you could say Easton pretty much crushed everyone in the final. His car was by far the best on the track.

A well deserved victory for Billy with his NR powered Serpent Cobra buggy.

More about the Serpent buggy development in april.

Pro Truggy qualifying went to Billy Easton.
With 3 Serpents in the final a very good event already.

In the final Easton fought with Drake and Savoya and was able to take 3rd place on the podium in the end.

Detailed report and set-up by end of the week.

Team Serpent