My location: United States
Feb 12, 2012

1:12 modified

It was a little bit challenging. It started not well due to the missing grip at the beginning but the S120 LT car felt really good during practice!

I made 2 - 3 small mistakes in the first round of qualifying, I lost 4 sec. but nevertheless I managed to take the 4th place.

The first run was fast enough to secure a place in the A-Main. Something strange happened with the car for the next runs and I could not figure out what.

For the final, I rebuild the full car, but already after 4 laps I got some tire problems (broken tire) and I finished the race on 10th position only.

1/10 TC

During the practice I tested a couple of new products:
- Topdeck 1,75mm
- Plastic Spool ( made for the 411 Sport)
- updated C-Hubs (fit very well with the new double driveshaft)

During qualifying my 411 ran fine and I managed to take 5th position in the A-Main. I had good hope for the finals which took place on Sunday.

At the start of the final I could pass Paul Lemieux and thanks to a small mistake of Naoto on his part, I was able to take the 3rd spot after 5 laps. But I was hit by Pauls car and this incident on the track damaged my diff and I finished the race in 4th place. Fellow Serpent 411 Martin Crisp did really well too, being 7th in the A-Main as well.

I would like to thank all my sponsors !!!

Marc Fischer
Team Serpent