My location: United States
Jan 26, 2012

On Saturday 21.1.2012 the opening race of the winter series Open Tour Trutnov was held.
64 drivers took place in 4 categories. An "open" category was the strongest one with 34 drivers and among these drivers we could see the toughest fights for a victory as well.

In the end both TQ and the victory took a young driver Michal Blahovský with a Serpent S411 car.
In a main final, Michal had been under a big pressure of 9 XRAY drivers.

Right after the race Michal said that his car was running absolutely perfect! It has been only his 3rd race with the Serpent car so far and Michal appreciated especially its easy controllability, precise steering and high-speed cornering.

The other Serpent driver Jan Domanský finished among very fast drivers on a nice 12th place.

The race was accompanied with a relaxed and really friendly atmosphere.

Team Serpent CZ