My location: United States
Jan 11, 2012

Sarawak, Malaysia : Serpent bags both 1/10 & 1/8 GP title.

Date: 8th January 2012.

A great way to start off 2012, as this new track was complete late 2011.
Track was one of a kind in Malaysia as it is built on top of a shopping Mall 5th floor and track surface cement with waterproofing applied.
Surface condition was tricky for all racers, and tire selection was vital.

Local racer Steven Teo, with his 733 after qualifying 3rd decide to run the final using rubber tire and manage to show great pace and took the lead after halfway of the race.
Another local racer Wee Chor dominated the 1/8 with his 966 after showing great pace and amazing controlled driving skills. Wee Chor qualified as top qualifier and Champion.
Great driving guys.

Team Serpent Malaysia