My location: United States
Dec 19, 2011

Serpent team took part in the race without experience in US style tracks, but very confident.

From the first qualifications rounds, Serpent Cobra was really fast getting Alberto Garcia the 12th final place at Q1 Buggy, and 3rd place in Truggy class with the Serpent Cobra 811T.

Our Serpent team was working closely and we were able to improve the car every round, getting a perfect balance of speed and handling. The cold surface with big jumps required a good setup to be in the first positions.

After qualification rounds, Bacro got a fantastic 16th position in F1 Buggy class while Alberto García qualified in 3rd position in Truggy, without getting more than two clean rounds in buggy, starting the final day from 1/4th finals.

For the finals day, the team, with an already good setup of the car, was able to get softer tyres to improve their lap times. Alberto García was able to win the first Truggy semifinal, in front of 3x European Champion, Reno Savoya, and started the final in 2nd place, behind USA driver, Adam Drake. In the Truggy 30' main final, Alberto kept in the first three positions, racing closely with Drake and Savoya, but with a better fuel strategy, thanks to Cobra 811T's high traction, being able to refilling over 10minutes. When the strategy was going to show the results at the end of the final, we had to retired, being in a podium place, after breaking the clutch bell.

On the other hand, Bacro managed semifinal to get a place in the main F1 final. The french driver seemed to be adapted with the car from the first practice round and with the help of the Serpent Team, we got an almost perfect package, only a better tyre choice for the final would have improved the fantastic 9th place!

To complete the excellent perfomance of the Serpent Team, the young italian driver Andrea Ubaldi, following the tips about setups of the Serpent Team, showed an incredible handle to finish 2nd in the F2 Buggy class.

To sum up, Serpent team was present in the three finals of the three categories!

Surely from Dirt Nitro Challenge 2011 we got better feeling than results, but luck sometimes is missing. We will continue pushing hard.

Team Serpent Offroad