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Dec 12, 2011

Italy: Nationals & ETS Warm Up week race report

Sun 4 December 2011 : Palazzolo – AMSCI Indoor Nationals – Single Round

New car, new carpet, new adventure with s411!
Palazzolo Week end started with little knowledge about 411 and new ETS carpet type that offers more grip conditions than others carpets; from free practice car has proved fast on single lap but little safety on costancy. I started with 2.5 new design chassis , hard arms and c-hubs.
Heat by heat, I switched to soft upperdeck and more front width to compensate traction rolling and nervous front end feeling.
A lot of mistakes in qualify heats compromised mine performance, even when I was in top positions.
After 4 qualify round I was 7th on grid.
First A main started regular for all drivers, after few laps close behind 6th , I found the way to go up to 4th position close to Menicucci, Romagnoli and Baldissarri but in last lap, after a passing mistake I colsed 5th.
Last two finals were too less correct by some drivers and I closed both 6th with a 7th final position.

9-10-11 December 2011 – Scandiano – Charity race/ ETS Warm Up

Big event with a lot of best international drivers.
In free practice, best laps were closed in 0.3 seconds from 5th to 13th positions.
Feeling with 411 were better than Palazzolo and I can drove easy with top ten drivers.
In qualy heats I fought with Collari, Prumper and Martini to A main access.
Little mistakes again and one more drive error than Lamberto and Yannick colsed my A main access but I was very happy by car’s feeling.
Finals were separate story, a lot of contacts and traction rolling caused by drive irritation, but car was fantastic again. My team mate Alessio Mancini with 411 was also in B final.
In Stock class, teammate Enrico Avoni place car in A main with mine same setup where he fought with top positions.
I’ll be in Scandiano again for last test before 20/21 Jan ETS 2nd round, where I will test modified-class car with soft chassis ( 2mm) and topdeck configuration, because that carpet has too much grip and ride tyres needs soft flex to work well, while in stock-class I will test opposite configuration with 2.5mm chassis and topdeck.

I want to thank Serpent, Sprint rc , Vampire Racing represented by Davide Carbone for electronics.

Report by Alessandro Brunelli
Photo courtesy by and Scandiano crew

Set-up here: