My location: United States
Nov 28, 2011

Hello everyone!
This time we are in Cassino in the track that will host the European Championship of 2012 for the category 1/10 on road. A race that sees the way almost all the best Italian riders, Spataro, D'Angelo, Tironi, De Felici, Spiniello, Gallesi .... The race was held Sunday with all 3 qualifying heats of 7 minutes, and the final 30.

The regulation has been used to EFRA 2012 with the weight of machines to 1550gr. We personally have run with the usual 733-TE with 1700gr.

The heats of qualification we have seen once again protagonists in the last qualifying heats just my mistake in the pits caused by a little damp spot in the pitlane did not allow us to be able to do poleposition.

Despite this error, and we set the third fastest time of 4 seconds from the pole by 3.5 seconds and Tironi Spataro, taking into account that their machines weighed 150 grams less than ours, so well I'd say not bad. In the end, as always, our 733-TE car has proved fast, showing that high tires are not a problem for us. As always .... , however, luck was not on our side, causing the withdrawal of a problem due to the receiver after only 4 minutes of the race ... Our best lap was 14.5, 0,4 sec faster than the previous track record that has been further improved by Biagio Spataro with 14,370 but with the machine at 1550gr.

I would say a good performance for the 733Te that despite the differences in "weight" has allowed me to do well once again demonstrating the fact that next year we can return, again if it comes back, to be as competitive as we have already done in the past ..

and "happy b-day to Stef"

Allesio Mazzeo
Serpent, MaxPower, SprintRC