My location: United States
Nov 17, 2011

Hello everyone, this time we are at Battipaglia for the trophy serpent, 80 participants, race very beautiful, my late-season fixture. The race has seen the unfolding of three heats of qualification, a Saturday evening, the other two on Sunday morning.

After qualifying, we clocked the pole position and the new track lap record, lowering the previous one that I belonged to well 3 / 10 14,080 in any of the other riders managed to go below 14.3. The second time was clocked by Antonio De Pasquale himself with snake powered up, we also find Spiniello in the final, third year in the overall standings of the Italian championship amsci, and also won the first race of the Italian championship in Locorotondo European Championship 1 / 8 track.

This brings us to the final 30 minutes, I was leading for 28 minutes and 47 seconds, almost to the last corner, after a final which I dominated the electronics of our car stopped working, thus bringing withdrawal in the last minute of the race! :((

Even here, however, regardless of the outcome, the Serpent 733 machine has proved once again very reliable, fast, always perfect at both high and tires at low tires, just to see the results starting from the first round of the Italian championship Locorotondo and coming up the serpent in the trophy here Battipaglia we always have to score the pole position and almost always the fastest lap, only "some" unfortunate episode has always denied the chance to fight for victory, but these are the races, and as always Fabio says: "We are serving all the misfortune now, for next year ": D.

I also wanted to emphasize the performance of new engines max, which have proved very reliable and fast here, making us guess that for next year, the package will surely be a winner, belonging to bad luck, I am writing while I'm preparing our luggage for the next race Cassino, where all the Italian expert pilots have decided to participate, will certainly be a good test for the upcoming season.

Ciao Ciao

Team Serpent Italy