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Nov 10, 2011

Team Serpent Germany wins the Nitro West Masters 1 / 10 scale and the German Westernchampionship.

On the last weekend the racing season in Western Germany was completed with the Nitro West brunch in Oberhausen.

For the Serpent team it was a happy day because two of the top placings go toRene Püpke and Benjamin Lehmann.

In Nitro West Masters of the season, there were five races on different tracks in the west of Germany.

Rene Püpke succeeded with a victory in the first two rounds to get directly to the full score.
With a victory in the third run made his ambitions clear Benjamin Lehmann to win and showed that he is also a clear title contender.

At the end of the fifth run, however, stood Rene Püpke fixed with two wins, one second and a third place as overall winner.
Benjamin Lehmann came with a win, one second place and two fourth place in overall second place.
Fourth place overall went to Arndt Bernhardt who could also win one of five runs.

In total, it made three Serpent among the first five and one-two with a top result.

In the Western GermanChampionship 1/10 Scale could be driven in four runs, Benjamin Lehmann clear of the other settling and again brought up a total victory for Team Serpent.

The Western Germanchampionship in 1/8 was true exciting until the last race.
Here Rene Püpkewas at the end of the season just one point behind the overall winner and had to settle for second place.

Everything together makes two overall victories for Team Serpent in class 1/10 scale and a second place at 1/8. A result with which one can certainly be satisfied.

The driver thank their mechanics and of course the Serpent Company for their great support over the entire season and now look forward to the next full season.

Rene Püpke