My location: United States
Oct 30, 2011

The trophy Novarossi which was held last week in Gubbio, in the same run of the 2009 European Championship.

The race was a huge success, 150 members, and 112 participants, divided into two categories 1/8 and 1/10.

In 1/10 pilots participated as Spataro and Balestri. On Saturday, there were three heats of qualifications where for various misfortunes we were second behind Spataro, but in the second round we have set a new lap record abbot 15,517 the old record, I have always done well for 4 / 10.

On Sunday morning the final round, which took us to mark the final poleposition followed by Spataro and Balestri. The final was a replica of the heats or at least seemed, after the first 12 laps I had a big lead already and openede more in the 2nd half but a car spun in front of me, making inevitable the impact and the subsequent broke the 733 car.

A race dominated from day one with pole position and lap record. The 733 car has proven performance in all conditions, as demonstrated by the fact that in every heat we did score daily starting always faster. To support the excellent performance of the 733 car was the new engine max power, who has completed the package except for any "surprises" such as Gubbio, it looks good for 2012.

Ciao Ciao

Alessio Mazzeo

p.s. I don't have the photo because they have the copyright
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