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Oct 16, 2011

Report by Alberto Garcia

Last weekend, the last round of the Spanish Nationals was held at CARTT track, with 125 drivers taking part in the event.

On friday practice the track was very slippery on the first laps, getting a higher grip at the end of the day looking at qualifications rounds on Saturday.

After a very competitive qualifications, Robert Battle was TQ'd followed by Bryan Baldo and Borja Hernandez. Alberto Garcia finished in a good 4th place, with a very good setup for the finals, getting the second fastest time in the last qualification round on the day.

On sunday, semifinales was running at 14:00 pm. Robert Battle won the first semifinal, and Alberto Garcia won the another semifinal (Batlle was nine seconds faster than Garcia), who started the main final from grid #2.

The 45minutes finals started with Robert and Garcia getting a gap in the first laps from the rest of the drivers, being Daniel Vega in 3rd place.

After a Batlle's mistake, Garcia got the leadership, keeping it after the first refilling. Batlle and Garcia had different refilling time strategy (Batlle at 7:40 and Garcia over 9minutes), and both were running very close, changing the leadership frequently.

With seven minutes to go, Garcia made a mistake, and Robert took a gap of some important seconds.

At the end, Garcia pushed as hard as he could, finisihing with 64laps 45:01 minutes. Robert Batlle won the race in spite of crossing the finish line before the 45minutes and suffering a flame out in the 65th lap, finally finising the race with 64laps 44:50minutes.

Great job for Serpent Spain, getting a very stable setup between all our drivers & being supported by Jorge Porcar in the pit area.

Finals results:

1º Robert Batlle - Mugen/Novarossi/Procircuit
2º Alberto Garcia - Serpent/RB/Proline
3º Dani Vega - Agama/Orion/AKA

See you on the tracks!

Alberto Garcia
Team Serpent Spain