My location: United States
Oct 11, 2011

Serpent S811T success in the UK
Myself and Custom Built Racing shop owner, Tony Drabble received our Serpent S811t in May 2011. The race was on from day one as we both arrived at the first meeting still having to finish off the build on the day of the meeting.
The first meeting was the start of things to come as we finished 1st and 2nd. Since then we have attended not only club meetings we have competed in regional and UK national events.
At club level Tony and I came 1st and 2nd in our club championship.
Regional level had the same success with Tony finishing 3rd and myself 4th in the championship. We both were selected the represent the region in the champion of champions but were unable to attend.
National level we have both had 3 rd place finishes in the A
final at this level.