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Sep 19, 2011

German Championships Touringcars 2011-09-20 Megadrom, Geilenkirchen.

Thursday and Friday practise
All top-drivers were present early to prepare for the Nats under nice sunny weather. Ronald Völker and Yannic Prümper supported by Robert Itoh and U. Umino from Japan, Freddy Südhoff, Domenik Fleischmann,
Chrissi Krapp, Marc Fischer and European and World Champion Marc Rheinard, and many more ! The level in Germany is extremely high and competitive.

Saturday : 4 qualifying runs

Q-heat 1:
Fischer issues with Motor-sensor, no result

Q-heat 2.
Marc is 1st driver to do a 23 lap run in 5.11, with a new track-lap-record of 13,3

Q-heat 3.
Marc does a great run with a 23 lapper again in 5.13
Again fastest of all and fastest lap, securing TQ already.

Q-heat 4.
Marc again very fast and stabile with 411 , this run on used tyres, where most other were using new ones, which is normally around 0,3 sec faster per lap. Marc did a 23 in 5.12 and again a 13.4 lap, even on used tyres. The 411 works well even on used tyres. Where others loose 0,3sec per lap, with 411 the difference is smaller. Excellent.

Sunday race: 5th Q-heat and Finals

Q-heat 5:
Track was little damp after rain at night. By the time the 5th modified heats needed to run the track was dry again. Marc Fischer ran a fastest lap of all in 13.8 sec, and ended 4th in this heat. As it was partially wet, the round did not count anyway.
So TQ honors to Marc Fischer with Serpent 411.

Starting position for the A-Main modified

TQ. Marc Fischer Serpent S411
2. Ronald Völker
3. Freddy Südhoff
4. Marc Rheinard
5. Yannic Prümper
6. Chrissi Krapp
7. Federico Veronesi Serpent S411
8. Domenik Fleischmann
9. Patrck Pasch
10. Marco Kaufmann

1. A Finale
Marc had Motor issues in the 1st 3 minutes, so no result.

2. A Finale
This Final Fischer needed to win badly to keep a chance for the overall win . Right after the start Fischer was able to pull a gap on Volker and Rheinard, and in the end increased the gap to a comfortable 3.9 sec, and an incredible fastest lap of 13.4.

3. A Finale
The title fight was now between Marc Fischer ( Serpent) , Ronald Völker (Yokomo), Marc Rheinard (Tamiya) and Yannic Prümper ( Yokomo) !
Fischers start was excellent again, followed by very fast and consistent laps. Again Fischer was abler to pull a gap again on Volker and Rheinard and won with almost 2 sec gap this time and win the German 2011 Title.


1. Marc Fischer Serpent S411
2. Ronald Völker
3. Yannic Prümper
4. Marc Rheinard
5. Chrissi Krapp
6. Freddy Südhoff
7. Federico Veronesi Serpent S411
8. Patrick Pasch
9. Marco Kaufmann
10. Domenik Fleischmann

Deutscher Meister 2011 MARC FISCHER

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