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Sep 14, 2011

After so many years had past ,The First Nitro Truggy Nationals is back and was held on Sept 11,2011 at Circulo Verde Raceway.
Indeed a very successful event for the Nitro truggy . A very wet and rainy week but during the raceday, the event was blessed with a very good weather condition. Racers came as early as 6 a.m to prepare their truggies. Before the Nats, familiar names like Jordan Go with his Hongnor X2 , Nova toro nero and Clemen Pancho with his Serpent,Technopower were the favorite contenders for the Nats , but Jordan with his 10 yrs old kit could not be so sure. Before the race started, we checked on jordan’s X2 kit and we noticed a quite different X2. Could this be the prototype of the new X2? No way!!!! The suspension was totally different and it looks familiar. Hahahaha. Well whatever modification Jordan did, it worked and on the second round of the qualifying, he TQ’d and had a very close fight with his fellow racer Clemen pancho. Jordan Go combined his superb driving skills with a very good strategy , NO PITSTOP/REFUELLING during the quali. Clemen was maintaining his lead and Jordan just a second behind for the entire 8 minutes until clemen came in to pit and that was the end and that’s how Jordan TQ’d.

Moving to the A Main finals, First on the grid was Jordan Go(X2-Nova), second Clemen Pancho(serpent-Techno), third Jody Coseteng( Mugen-?), Fourth Nani Tagle(Mugen-Nova Toro) Fifth(Rico Mendoza-Serpent-Tecno), Sixth Derrick Chiogbian(Serpent-?), seven-Denis Lucindo(Serpent- Nova 28-3), Eight- Edward sio(Serpent-Nova 28-3), Ninth Garret Santayana(HPI-Nosram), Tenth Raymond landingin(Mugen-workz). Jordan and clemen were able to break away from the pack and maintain a comfortable lead with only a couple of seconds difference between the two . The battle for third, fourth, fifth positions were up between Jody, Edward, Denis, Rico and Garret. Well, with Nitro 1 hour race, nobody can be sure and anything can happen. Couple of drivers had to retire early on with some engine and mechanical problems. In the middle of the race, Jordan flamed out with a busted glowplug and lost his lead from first dropped to seven place, giving way for clemen to take the first, Denis second, Edward third and Rico fourth. About 20 mins in to the finals, another casualty Denis entered the pitstop with a power failure and giving way for Edward to take the second place and Rico Third. 5 minutes later with Clemen first and Edward second with 3 laps ahead of the third place Jordan go who quickly recovered from seventh place., Edward retired with a busted center diff loosing his bid for the second place. Well, a very exciting Nats and this is why Nitro is fun, anything can happen until the last dying seconds of the race.

Well, a perfect debut for the TECHNOPOWER .23 engine taking the 1st and 3rd place . 6 Serpent drivers able to enter the Amain finals, Congrats to you guys and more power!!!!
Now with the B main, Jopo driving his serpent powered by Nova Bonito was superb early part of the main and was leading until his camber link loosened giving way for DR Lo to immediately grab the 1st place with Ogie following his tail with only about 5 seconds behind. A superb driving by Dr Lo and Ogie until the final seconds of the main and Dr Lo ended up “ The Champ.” Congrats Doc Lo. Also, to the winner of the C main the combacking ERIC TAN.
Congratulations to Clemen Pancho for winning the FIRST NITRO TRUGGY NATIONALS 2011 , Jordan Go second and third Rico Mendoza and to all the racers who joined this event and to the organizer and officers of The QCRCCC.

See you all on September 25,2011 at Junkyard racetrack for the SERPENT CUP NITRO BUGGY AND TRUGGY.
Amain Final Results
1)Clemen pancho- Serpent- Technopower- Tornado- AKA- Sanwa
2)Jordan Go- Hongnor X2- Novarossi Toro Nero- Tornado- AKA- Sanwa
3)Rico Mendoza- Serpent- Technopower- Tornado- AKA- Sanwa

Team Serpent