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Aug 20, 2011

The saturday was the finals day.

Serpent had 7 drivers in the 2 quarter finals; with Green, Mazzeo, Gruber, Stammler, Salven, Branson, Jacobs.

Mainly fuel consumption and engine troubles made only Green go into the semi by winning his quarter with many laps as well, and Jacobs running a very good quarter too and Sammler as 3rd. Both Mazzeo and Salven were very fast in the quarter, but engine / consumption issues prevented bump ups.

Green was most of the time in 3rd place following Pietsch and Wichnevski closely, in last 10 minutes a small stone caught his 1st gear and broke it. Over. Jacobs was hit by Hudy in the early stages of the semi and gap was too big after. Stammler just missed out on the main and ended in 11th spot.

A disappointing result, having no cars in the final this time. The subfinals went really well as the 733-TE was working really well on the harder and larger tyres as well.

Better next time. We thank the organisers, EFRA and all drivers for a superb event and congratulate Pietsch with the win.

Team Serpent

Mark Green 733-NR) and young German talent Toni Gruber (733-XceedZX) had good runs on the thursday, allowing a 13th and 14th spot, inside the semi's, as there are no direct qualifiers anymore.

Daan Jacobs (733-Max) did very well and is up with the front runners as well in 16th spot.

Salven, Branson and Mazzeo had less luck in their heats and look forward to the 2 important last runs this friday.

Alp Mastufa, Hard and Fransson also need better runs this friday to move up the ranks.

Good luck guys for the friday heats !

Team Serpent

Team Serpent has all practise runs under the belt and the opening ceremony was done as well.

Time for the real action to start. Timed practise to start today.

For news and images check: ( timing)

Team Serpent

Team Serpent has headed to the Ettlingen track in Germany, to run the 2011 EC.

The Serpent 733-Team Edition will be released this week, including the DLS system and the brandnew SL6 gearbox with superlow inertia values.

Michael Salven is heading the team with some more ace drivers like Mazzeo, Green, Branson, Fransson, Hard and upcomming drivers like Thiele, Pupke, Gruber, Jacobs and Stammler.

The EC should also feature a ladies cup, as 3 ladies race this EC with for Serpent Sabrina Lechner.

See the links on the event page for live-timing. will report from wednesday onwards as well.

Team Serpent

Mark Green could not improve in the 4th run, and just dropped out from the direct semi as well. He will start from pole in the quarterfinal and can that way gain track-time and info on tyre wear and set-up.

Gruber still very strong in 17th spot. Stammler improved to 21st spot, followed by Jacobs in 22nd and Salven in 26th. Branson who basically dominates the UK race scene has a tougher time here on spot 33. Mazzeo at least finished a run and is in 35th, ready to move up.

Lots of racing ahead, and tyre and pit-strategy being very important. Excellent pit-crew who can do fast tyre changes, and needs engines that dont stall.

Good luck.

Team Serpent