My location: United States
Aug 10, 2011

Last weekend we race at the most traditional offroad track in Brazil , the DUST RAISING Raceway !!
It was the famous event " RACING DAY 2011 EDITION" for both classes, buggy and truggy.
Our driver Heitor Nogueira ( SERPENT-REDS-RCW-TORNADO) was very confident in the COBRA T after a very good pré-run 15 days ago.
During controled pratice Heitor and the COBRA T made the fastest time !!! After that, they made a second time in qualifying run, due to small driving bobbles .
In the first heat Heitor fight for the leadership since the first turn and after 10 minutes , the COBRA T move to the first position and stay there till the end.
In the second heat Heitor starts at the back of the field ( by the rules, in the second heat , drivers started in reverse position of first heat finishing positions), but at the 5 minute mark he move to the first position and find a pace to made it as a " sunday drive" till the end.
I 'm very impressed with the handling and overall balance of COBRA T !! It was building in stock form and it performs wonderfully well !!!

Now will wait for September 2nd , during BRAZILIAN NATIONALS to race again with COBRA and COBRA T.
Thanks for RC Performance - Serpent Racing team Brazil for this opportunity to drive both COBRA and COBRA T .

Till next time,
Heitor Nogueira